Monday, December 11, 2023

Enrique Tomás Chooses for Its New Vending Machines at Barcelona Airport

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Barcelona- Enrique Tomás, the world’s leading ham chain, has partnered with to deploy a series of displays in its new vending machines at the airport, featuring iiyama displays, for its latest vending machine venture at Barcelona Airport.

Launching the first phase of this exciting project, 30 Enrique Tomás GO!urmet vending stores are strategically positioned throughout the airport. These vending machines offer an extensive selection of Enrique Tomás’ signature products, including Iberian and acorn-fed hams, ham sandwiches, chips, snacks, and natural orange juices. A standout feature is the “Tomasón,” a soft bread filled with premium ham, poised to captivate millions of global consumers through this innovative vending model.

What sets this initiative apart is its focus on sustainability. Enrique Tomás has embraced a “Green Signage” approach, prioritizing minimal electricity consumption by choosing lightweight software with an integrated internal player within the screens. Jorge Cruz, CIO of Enrique Tomás, emphasized, “We wanted a software that was lightweight and could work with an internal player inside the screen to minimize the electronic components at the physical point.”

For this, Enrique Tomás turned to’s multi-award-winning digital signage software, renowned for its user-friendliness. This software empowers the ham chain to manage product campaigns, showcase its corporate image, and educate customers about the unmatched quality of Enrique Tomás products in these vending machines. Cruz stressed the importance of this approach, stating, “This model requires that the quality of Enrique Tomás is explained in an easy and entertaining way while ensuring that buying our products from the vending machines guarantees freshness.”

Through, Enrique Tomás efficiently synchronizes multiple screens of various sizes and locations, schedules different broadcast slots, and categorizes content by location and type. The Marketing department remotely manages content, while the IT team monitors equipment from the company’s Barcelona headquarters.

Enrique Tomás has ambitious plans to expand this self-service vending model to other high-traffic locations such as subway stations, transportation hubs, football stadiums, and corporate offices. Toni Viñals, CEO of, expressed excitement, stating, “We are pleased that our platform has been chosen by Enrique Tomás for this disruptive business model. Digital signage will create a captivating communication channel to attract customers and increase sales through dynamic, attractive visual content.”

Enrique Tomás praised as a local partner integral to deploying and adopting the system’s capabilities. This partnership is set to redefine vending machine experiences, delivering a memorable and convenient ham experience to travelers and consumers.

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