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Christie MicroTiles create beautiful motion-responsive video wall at San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

In the heart of San Francisco, a city celebrated for its vibrant culture and stunning vistas, Christie® and Obscura Digital have unveiled a remarkable digital masterpiece that both educates and enthralls. Installed in the lobby of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) headquarters, the SFPUC Digital Arts Wall is an expansive panorama composed of 160 Christie® MicroTiles®. This digital canvas stretches over four feet in height and 58 feet in length, boasting a staggering native resolution of 62 million pixels. Designed to be an interactive educational platform, it serves as a conduit for continual content renewal, featuring high-resolution data and graphic visualizations that span the history of the SFPUC, along with real-time news and ambient music, creating an engaging experience for visitors.

Innovation Through Collaboration

The collaboration between Christie and Obscura Digital was born out of a need for a display solution that was not only visually captivating but also technologically resilient and easy to update. Nathan Houchin, technical director at Obscura Digital, highlighted the importance of creating a custom content management program that allows for efficient information updates through the SFPUC’s communications department. This innovation was key to achieving a dynamic, flexible, and interactive educational experience aimed at connecting the public to the storied past and promising future of San Francisco’s water, power, and sewer systems.

Tyrone Jue, director of communications at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, emphasized the project’s goal to create a platform that would inspire and educate all ages. The choice of Christie MicroTiles was pivotal, offering unparalleled image quality, ease of installation, and minimal seams, which were critical for the wall’s curved design.

Interactive and Educational Experiences

Obscura Digital’s creativity and technical expertise brought to life four customized interactive experiences: “Snowfall to Outfall,” “Media Stream,” “Dashboard,” and “Interactive Art Mode.” Each feature combines motion-responsive visuals and sound effects, providing an immersive learning environment about the SFPUC’s initiatives, history, and artwork.

The display also includes a diorama by a local artist, showcasing the city’s water system. This feature, along with rotating artwork from San Francisco artists, ensures the wall remains a dynamic and evolving piece of digital art.

Sustainability and Technology

Sustainability was a paramount consideration. The Christie MicroTiles were chosen for their energy efficiency, allowing the project to stay within a strict energy budget without compromising on performance. These tiles are known for their durability, reliability, and low environmental impact, making them an ideal choice for projects aiming for LEED certification.

The SFPUC Digital Arts Wall stands as a testament to the power of technology and art to educate and inspire. It not only highlights the critical role of the SFPUC in maintaining the city’s vitality but also serves as a model for how public spaces can integrate digital technology to foster engagement and awareness about vital services and infrastructure.

About Obscura Digital and Christie

Obscura Digital, a pioneer in interactive design and content visualization, has been at the forefront of creating unique digital experiences since 2000. With a portfolio that includes commissions for leading corporations, governments, and public institutions worldwide, Obscura Digital continues to push the boundaries of digital innovation.

Christie, a global leader in visual technologies, is recognized for its commitment to innovation, having introduced some of the most advanced projectors and display systems in the world. A subsidiary of Ushio, Inc., Christie is dedicated to producing cutting-edge visual displays that captivate audiences across various sectors, from retail to entertainment.

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