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BroadSign and LocaModa Join Forces to Enhance Digital Signage with Social Media Integration

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BroadSign International, LLC, a leader in digital signage software solutions, has partnered with LocaModa Inc, a pioneer in cross-channel media solutions, to offer advanced social media integration for digital signage networks. This strategic alliance aims to bridge the gap between digital signage, social media, and mobile engagement, creating a seamless experience across multiple platforms.

Digital signage is evolving beyond simple displays into interactive portals that engage users and integrate with their mobile devices and social media feeds. The collaboration between BroadSign and LocaModa promises to leverage this trend by enabling networks powered by BroadSign’s software to incorporate LocaModa’s patented technologies. These include real-time, brand-safe social media content that can interact across various channels, including public signage.

Brian Dusho, CEO of BroadSign, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the proven track record of LocaModa in enhancing digital engagement. “LocaModa’s award-winning work with major brands has demonstrated that connecting digital screens to mobile and web platforms generates measurable engagement and increased audience awareness,” said Dusho. He emphasized the potential for improved return on investment (ROI) for both advertisers and networks through these integrated solutions.

Stephen Randall, CEO of LocaModa, also commented on the strategic significance of the integration. “Social media, when executed in a brand-safe and scalable solution, is becoming an essential part of digital signage,” he noted. Randall pointed out the shift from tactical to strategic use of digital signage over the past year, underscoring the growing importance of this technology in marketing and brand engagement strategies.

LocaModa’s recent successful campaigns, including initiatives for brands such as Levi’s, GAP, and Clorox, illustrate the impact and effectiveness of their platform. These campaigns have utilized the company’s technology to amplify audience interaction across digital, mobile, and social channels, proving the value of integrated digital signage solutions.

The partnership will be formally presented by Randall at BroadSign’s First Annual Client Summit, scheduled for February 26, 2013, at the Aria Resort and Casino. This event will provide an opportunity for clients to learn more about the benefits of this integrated approach to digital signage.

For more information on BroadSign and its services, please visit BroadSign.

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