June 7, 2023


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NoviSign Digital Signage announces the release of a new widget for interactive games

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novisign Digital Signage online interactive gamesGil Matzliah, CEO of NoviSign, along with his creative team, is excited to release a new widget within the same software platform that pushes the bounds of what it truly means to directly engage customers. With the first of many game widgets to be developed, NoviSign is eager to share the many benefits of connecting with consumers through C2C and B2C interface.

NoviSign’s new game, “4 in a Row”, allows vendors and business owners across industries to broadcast game widgets, in addition to content, pictures, videos, and live news feed widgets, to encourage consumer interaction. With a simple QR code displayed on any screen, tablet, or PC, all a consumer needs to do is take out his Smartphone, scan the code, and wait for a “welcome screen” to appear. There is no registration process, application downloading, and absolutely no hassle. (The game controller runs on HTML5). Any Smartphone is compatible with the game; it’s as simple as typing in your name to start playing!

For the business owner, when to broadcast the games is just as easy as the broadcasting itself! Vendors can set the schedule for when the game appears on the screen to allot specific times for consumer interaction. A doctor’s office, for instance, may choose to broadcast “4 in a Row” on days when they know there are more children coming into the office who enjoy entertainment while waiting.

NoviSign recognizes the need today, in this age of technology, for relationship marketing. It’s all in how you get the consumer, in any environment, to get excited about digital signage through response and playing off curiosity. NoviSign’s team is proud to present the first of many game widgets as part of their platform. They are changing the digital signage game.

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