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Libro Financial Group Chooses the New ScreenScape for Groups

Joins growing number of financial institutions to use ScreenScape for in-branch communications

ScreenScape Networks Inc. (“ScreenScape”) announced today they are partnering with Libro Financial Group (“Libro”) to power a network of intelligent displays inside their full service branches.

ScreenScape is a software tool that connects businesses and helps them engage audiences inside real world places using Internet-enabled digital displays. ScreenScape’s network-centric approach represents a shift in the way digital signage networks are built as well as in the way digital content, such as online video, is distributed to places of business. Using ScreenScape for Groups, Libro Financial Group can form its own place-based media network consisting of its retail branch locations or any other business that is a member of the ScreenScape Community.

“ScreenScape emerged as our platform of choice through a rigorous selection process beginning last summer,” says Libro VP for Brand Tania Goodine. “We like how their model offers tiered options for network administration and content creation, which allows us to push uniform branded content to all our branches while at the same time allowing our individual branch managers an opportunity to add value at the local level. It’s about ease-of-use and ease-of-management and, after a thorough evaluation, we believe the new ScreenScape for Groups offers the best solution in the industry.”

Libro joins a growing number of financial institutions, including Credit Union Atlantic, Investors Group, Ukranian Credit Union, and Mennonite Credit Union to embrace ScreenScape-technology for in-branch communications this year.

“We are thrilled to be selected by Libro Financial Group as their new trusted partner for place-based media,” said Kevin Dwyer, President of ScreenScape. “ScreenScape is a natural fit for retail financial services providers, especially those like Libro which have such a connection with their community. Place-based media can be an extremely effective communication tool to educate a customer, to help start conversations about new product and service offerings, to promote upcoming events and seminars, and highlight the great work your business is doing in the community.”

About ScreenScape

ScreenScape is an online service for engaging audiences in the real world. By offering a repository of community-shared content and a pool of targeted sales and marketing opportunities ScreenScape makes place-based media easier and more affordable to deliver and more effective as a tool for engaging with today’s connected consumer.

Source: ScreenScape

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