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inLighten Develops Smart Card Activated Kiosks for U.S. Air Force Bases

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SONY DSCinLighten®, a world leader in the field of digital signage, self-service and audio solutions announced today the rollout of its iTOUCH® Internet Access Kiosk to all branches of Portsmouth, NH-based Service Credit Union in the U.S. and Germany.  “Our kiosk has been customized to provide military personnel with a self-service solution that permits transactional functions through the proprietary U.S. Armed Forces online interface.  We were required to adhere to rigorous military security standards, while at the same time, permitting seamless access to the credit union’s public web portal,” said inLighten SVP Doug Braun.

According to Braun, “All authorized personnel working on the bases are issued a smart card by the military which is their means of access to facilities and services.  Service Credit Union asked inLighten to develop secure smart card functionality and integrate it into its iTOUCH Kiosk so that activation of the kiosk and access to member accounts plus other credit union information could be restricted to authorized users,”  inLighten CEO Dan Snyder commented. “Our client was looking for a means of providing account access in an environment where their members were restricted in the use of personal computers, tablets and other smart devices.  Our iTOUCH Kiosk was an ideal solution, but needed to be made compliant with the security measures under which the client’s overseas facilities operated.”  After careful development and rigorous testing, inLighten’s custom application was approved for implementation and is being used by U.S. military personnel and civilian employees.

inLighten, which provides digital media solutions to over 1,500 financial institutions, is experienced in the protection of confidential information as required by a highly regulated industry.  However, Snyder pointed out, a unique level of security was dictated by the fact that many of the kiosks would not only have a direct link to a secure military interface but would also be located on U.S. Air Force bases in a foreign country.  Snyder continued, “An off-the-shelf product was simply out of the question for these reasons.  Our product development team, which is recognized for delivering specialized solutions, was excited when it was awarded this project, and I’m pleased that product performance has exceeded client expectations in the early stages of the rollout.”  The iTOUCH kiosk installation is part of a 300 screen digital signage initiative inLighten is implementing across the institution’s branch network.

inLighten_logoinLighten is a pioneer in networked digital media solutions including digital signage, self-service kiosks, on-hold and environment audio services and speech privacy solutions that empower clients to effectively and securely communicate with their audiences. Powered by inLighten digital media management software that enables customized content creation, scheduling and distribution controls, inLighten solutions are scalable, cost-effective and exceptionally reliable. Industry-leading consulting, installation, technical support and creative services deliver a superior customer experience and provide a single point of accountability for all aspects of implementation, day-to-day management and continuing network operation.  inLighten’s headquarters are in Clarence, NY.  Information about inLighten can be found at

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