Wednesday, April 17, 2024

NoviSign Digital Signage announces the release of a new widget for poll/survey feedback

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NoviSign Digital Signage poll-survey feedback widgetNoviSign has been growing their software platform at an accelerated rate by introducing innovative ways to directly engage consumers. Recognizing the importance for companies to have easy, quick ways to gain consumer insights, NoviSign allows businesses to do on-the-spot market research to gain an understanding of customer satisfaction.

Customer management is a crucial part of any business’s success. By utilizing NoviSign’s newest poll widget, companies can broadcast questions through the widget on their products, services, or on consumer perception and attitudes related to the company’s goods and services. Consumers see the feedback uploaded in real time and companies can gage what is driving consumer behavior based on their answers. This widget is equally beneficial to both company and consumer: consumers enjoy engaging with and contributing to a company, sharing their feelings in hopes of reinforcing their satisfaction, and sharing criticism to improve upon certain aspects of the customer experience.

Additionally, businesses can offer incentives for taking the polls that reinforce brand loyalty. A restaurant, for instance, can offer a customer a 10% discount off his or her next meal upon completion of the poll. All it takes is for the customer to scan the QR code and poll with any type of Smartphone. The polling process does not involve creating an account or downloading any application, so answering questions takes but a few moments. The customer leaves with a coupon and the restaurant collects valuable customer data.

NoviSign does not just give businesses a marketing strategy. They enable companies to grow their businesses through engaging key stakeholders through cutting-edge technology like this interactive widget capability.

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