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Shopping Center in NJ Rings in the New Year With a Spectacular LED Sign Provided By Vantage LED and Jones Sign

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Vantage LED Sign Shoppes at Cross KeysThe Shoppes at Cross Keys in Sicklerville, NJ has installed a new LED sign giving a boost to their street presence and multi-tenant advertising ability. The sign was manufactured by Vantage LED and provided by national sign supplier, Jones Sign.

The holidays are an important time for many businesses who rely on the “black friday” rush and holiday shoppers to boost the books and enter the new year running. Advertising is key to this and getting the outdoor public to see you is crucial. The Shoppes at Cross Keys have addressed this need with a new LED sign installed onto their existing multi-tenant structure located along the Atlantic City Expressway near Berlin Cross Keys Road. The LED sign, manufactured by U.S. based Vantage LED, was provided just in time for the holidays by Jones Sign, a national full service provider for all types of signs including billboard advertising, service and installation and creative sign fabrication.

“We fabricated and installed the original multi-tenant signage for the shopping center. “ said Josh Sahotsky, Technical Representative for Jones Sign, “To make room for the LED display we designed and fabricated a new top section that provided a clean and seamless retrofit; the sign looks great!”

A leader in the industry, Jones Sign operates a 213,000 square foot facility just south of Green Bay-WI powered by over 150 skilled employees. They are the official sign provider for the Green Bay Packers and offer a host of products including interior and exterior signage, billboards, pylon signs, monument signs, and even specialty architectural items like pavilions, fire pits, benches, exterior lighting and hurricane shutters. Their national service and installation program has branched out to serve locations in Mexico and Canada as well. Coupled with their fabrication capabilities and drafting service, they are billed as a one stop shop for any signage needs.

They partnered with Vantage LED for the project, using an energy efficient Phoenix-OA Series 16mm full color LED display. They were working with a tight deadline, and needed the sign delivered and operational for the holidays. Vantage was able to manufacture and deliver the display in time, allowing the shopping center to use the new display for holiday traffic and ring in the New Year with a bang.

“The installation went extremely well.” reported Scott Hofheins, Vantage LED site representative for the project, “Jones Sign’s install crew mounted and connected the sign with little guidance from us, something we take pride in at Vantage. Easy installations equal less wasted time and money, and result in happy partners and end-users.”

Vantage LED is a U.S. based manufacturer located in Corona California, an hour southeast of Los Angeles. In operation since 2003, they have seen steady growth as the industry looks for new suppliers who offer a better product and a fresh outlook on the digital outdoor and LED sign markets. They provide several unique options for their product line including Dragon Skin™ (a protective coating that resists scratching and fading), a Comprehensive Component Redundancy system, and a new cloud based software option called SM Infinity™.

SM Infinity™ was developed in partnership with Spectacular Media to allow organizations like The Shoppes at Cross Keys to operate their LED displays securely over the internet via PC, Mac and even Android. It works with virtually any manufacturer’s display and can be accessed 24/7. This approach is poised to be a game changer for the sign industry by bringing cloud-based scheduling, professional content creation, marketing services and proactive diagnostic control into the mainstream, something that’s never been successfully done on this scale for LED signs.

“So many organizations are moving to the cloud these days to provide a better way for customers to access their services. The sign industry needs a boost in this area and we are excited work with Spectacular Media to help facilitate it.” said Hofheins.

Initial feedback for the new LED sign and the SM Infinity™ service has been positive. The Shoppes and tenants are looking forward to a strong start this year with a new sign, more street exposure and ultimately more sales.

“Everyone is thrilled with the new display.” said Robert Klausmier, Outdoor Advertising Specialist for Vantage LED, “It’s great to work with quality organizations like Jones Sign to provide the best user experience in the market.”

Source: Vantage LED

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