Monday, December 11, 2023

ANHC announces the installation of NoviSign’s software using Android

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NoviSign Android based digital signage screen at ANHCAnchorage Neighborhood Health Center (ANHC), a comprehensive primary care facility based in Alaska, announces the installation of NoviSign’s software using Android-compatible technology. ANHC is excited to implement NoviSign digital signage to effectively convey announcements, information, and educational instruction to clients.

Mike Lane, the IT -Systems Technician of ANHC installed NoviSign’s software this week by using a mini android PC stick. The center is excited to have a dozen screens that effectively broadcast notifications, announcements, educational blurbs, and seasonal health information, among other valuable insights for patients. For optimal client interaction, one of the screens is strategically placed at the entrance of the facility when patients are “checking-in.”

For several weeks, Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center was extremely frustrated with their inability to effectively communicate with patients.  Mike Lane, an IT Technician commented on the inhibitors of successful Digital Signage implementation in the past. “The generic unit had a poorly designed Web interface, low reliability, and an investment in excess of 40 hours of labor. Often, players would freeze and we’d have to grab a ladder to manually reboot each player.” Finally, Lane researched other simpler and easier ways to deploy Digital Signage with Android-compatible software. NoviSign was his first choice.

With the installation of NoviSign’s digital signage this week, ANHC is moving in a different direction to relay essential information to clients, much like other hospitals and clinics that seek to provide relevant and timely information to patients, staff, and visitors. Digital Signage is an efficient and cost-effective way for medical facilities to keep people informed, educated, and up to date. The screens also allow ANHC and similar medical centers to promote their services. Additionally, the signage can be a form of entertainment while patients are waiting for their appointments. Mike reflected on how easy and enjoyable the digital signage transition was for his staff. “I was able to create a reliable and efficient digital signage solution that could be controlled and maintained remotely.”

Mike implemented NoviSign’s SaaS (software as a service) by simply buying a mini-Android PC player for each of his TV screens. Each mini-Android is connected to the screen via HDMI. With the facility’s Wi-Fi/LAN network support, he updates the playlists online in a manner of minutes, enabling him to broadcast to the screens from any remote location in real time. This is especially important in the healthcare industry, where health-sensitive information is constantly changing and urgent messages need to be brought to patients’ attention.

Gil Matzliah, the founder and CEO of NoviSign, is pleased to be working with ANHC. “We are happy to have our system installed at ANHC. One of the things that impressed us with this center was the IT team’s ability to set up this fully Android-based system in such a short time span. They are already seeing a difference in how they engage with patients, arriving at the medical center, who are instantly drawn to the dynamic information and images broadcasted on the screens. We are excited to follow this facility’s client engagement in the next few months as they improve the way they interact with patients.”

Hospitals and clinics are some of the fastest adopters of digital signage as the broadcast screens provide relevant and timely information for patients, staff and visitors. They also provide directions to visitors and patients in the facility, promote hospital services, and can provide entertainment and educational instruction for waiting visitors. Digital signage is an efficient way for medical facilities to keep patients, staff and visitors informed at all times, while reducing labor costs by delivering information with digital media.

Digital signage can assist visitors about:

Registration procedures
Availability of doctors, clinic hours and wait-times
Directions within the health center or hospital
Health advice and tips for a healthy life style

Source: NoviSign

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