Saturday, September 30, 2023

NoviSign Digital Signage creates dynamic, engaging templates to make digital signage easier and more effective for businesses across a wide range of industries

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Gil Matzliah, CEO of NoviSign Digital Signage, presents businesses across industries with multiple template options to best broadcast their information. Companies no longer need to spend money on professional marketing gurus, graphic designers, or tech-savvy employees. With NoviSign’s software templates, any type of business or institution has ready-made designs available to best capture their target market.

Using NoviSign’s newest, dynamic template formats, your company is significantly more likely to engage your customers and clients and effectively relay important information, announcements, and advertisements. The templates allow you to preserve two of your most valuable resources: time and money. While you focus on the content, NoviSign focuses on creating unique, visually stimulating presentations to allow your information to most effectively draw in the consumers. By understanding your company’s specific needs, scope of broadcasting material and industry-specific consumer behavior, NoviSign’s templates offer the ideal solution on how best to broadcast your information.

NoviSign also recognizes the need for templates to be flexible. Each business has unique, changing needs, and can effectively utilize the NoviSign signage editor, an integral part of the company’s Saas platform. Businesses can update the template, change the size, text, images, or even remove widgets from the sign. A template includes the main components of the product, RSS, Rolling text, image, image gallery, text, URL, clock, video, weather, shapes, and much more!

NoviSign has already received positive feedback and accolades for the templates’ advanced features and capabilities. NoviSign’s CEO, Gil Matzliah, shares that “We get many users coming to us with good feedback. They tell us that in a few minutes, they were able to build a nice screen and broadcast their information.”

Today, Novisign’s templates are broadcasted across thousands of screens around the world in educational institutions, small businesses, retail stores, restaurants, and corporations. NoviSign is a global company that aims to serve any business that has existing hardware platforms, such as Windows-based PC and Android-based devices.

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Source: NoviSign

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