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Keywest Technology MediaZone Pro Powers Ad Playback for Growing Digital Signage Advertising Franchise

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Keywest Technology Solara360 ScreenKeywest Technology’s MediaZone Pro is playing a central role in deployment of an innovative sports bar-centric digital signage ad network being rolled out by Solara360.

Keywest Technology today announces that Solara360, developer of a sports bar-based digital signage ad network, has assisted its 12th franchisee in completing installation of ad network technology, which relies upon Keywest’s MediaZone Pro for advertising playout.

Solara360, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is building its ad network across North America with turnkey digital signage packages, including displays, media players and signal distribution technology, that are easy to install and require minimal on-premise interaction.

Each sports bar is equipped with up to 10 proprietary Solara360 HDTV displays, a Keywest Technology MediaZone Pro digital signage player and signal distribution to transport ads from local business and HD sports coverage from satellite or cable sources to each monitor.

“We are excited to be an integral part of the rollout of this innovative digital signage ad network,” said Keywest Technology president Nick Nichols. “Our MediaZone Pro offers Solara360 an easy-to-install, reliable media player that is fast and simple to update with new content and playlists over the Internet.”

Solara360 is deploying its digital signage ad network based upon a franchise model. Franchisees buy a geographical territory with 10 sports bars and turnkey ad network technology packages to equip each bar with Solara360 proprietary HDTV displays and Keywest Technology MediaZone Pro player to support playback of local ad content in an “L” shaped onscreen graphic without the need to scale or process cable TV or satellite TV delivered HD sports action.

The Keywest Technology MediaZone Pro at each sports bar receives advertising playlists and ad content from Solara360 via the Internet and playbacks advertising content in the “L” shaped on-screen border. The HDTV content is presented within the “L” shape via the HDMI port directly from the source so that HD Sport action is displayed in real-time HD simultaneously with Internet fed ad content via the DVI Port.

MediaZone Pro is a complete digital signage system consisting of the media player and software needed to build compelling media playlists with text, graphics, video and animation and play them back as scheduled.

About Keywest Technology

Keywest Technology is a turnkey provider of digital signage products including kiosks, software and content creation services designed to produce exceptional results. The company is also a pioneer in interactive digital signage, which couples the appeal of dynamic signage with the interactivity associated with interactive kiosks. Visit for more information.

About Solara360

Solara360 developed and manufactures its own exclusive brand of commercial grade 1080p HD LCDs designed specifically for the Solara360 Digital Signage Network.

The Company plans to grow its business worldwide through franchising. Each ‘community based’ Digital Signage Network franchisee becomes part of the growing Solara360 Digital Signage Network with global broadcasting and narrowcasting potential and capability.

Solara360’s uniqueness in the market comes from its combination of its exclusive Solara360 Liquid Crystal Displays, proprietary remote management software and a unique franchise business model. Visit for more information.

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Source: Keywest Technology

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