June 3, 2023


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John Adams Middle School Adds An ADvantage LED Sign to Its Campus

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ADvantage LED Signs announced the completion of a digital sign installation at John Adams Middle School in Santa Monica, CA.

ADvantage LED Signs announced the completion of a digital sign installation at John Adams Middle School in Santa Monica, CA. According to Richard James, spokesperson for ADvantage, this is one of five LED school signs purchased by the Santa Monica school district.

“We’re seeing an increase in the number of signs purchased by schools of all sizes: elementary, middle, high and colleges.” says James. “With today’s technology, old fashioned signs with changeable plastic letters are out of date and just no longer practical. LED school signs can be much more informative and easier to update.”

The specific sign used by Lincoln Middle School was a 2′-9 1/4″ x 7′-9 11/16″ 16mm Amber Grayscale 48×144 Matrix Double Face Display and according to the Santa Monica School District representative Thoraia Soliman, it has been a fantastic addition to the school grounds. Soliman says, “The school staffs now communicate much more effectively with the students, parents, staff, and even the community at large. These signs really improve the schools ability to display announcements in real time and are used to reach out to the community.”

School LED Signs are a rapidly growing segment of the digital sign business says James of ADvantage LED Signs. Soliman points out how their particular school uses the new sign. “Before, we could only have one announcement on our small block letter signs; now we can have almost as many as we want. The teachers and staff use the boards to announce ball games, pep rallies, academic competitions, upcoming days off, important school reminders, and extend congratulations to star students on their accomplishments. The children and the teachers, both, love to see their names up on the board.” And, they’re not just for students and their parents either. These signs, states James, are an asset to the community, giving the time and temperature and serving as a landmark to the community.

Soliman says often the school announcements via newsletter never make it home to the parents. Now, the announcements can be seen by the parents, first hand. “Since the installation of the sign, the parents now know what’s going on at the school before the children do. They know when fundraiser money is due, when the PTA meeting is going to be and where it will be held. We have had nothing but positive comments from the students and parents about the new John Adams Middle School sign.”

James explains that schools are adding these signs for several reasons. “The old sign boards are limited, subject to student vandalism, and often left forgotten with old messages for months at a time. This no longer has to be the case. An outdoor LED school sign solves all of these problems and adds a number of other useful features as well. LED electric signs can display videos, school logos, photos and animated text. They come with easy to use software that the staff can use to change the sign with the click of a button.” Soliman agrees saying, “Our staff was taught in a brief meeting how to use the sign and they’re often changing the text to keep the public notified of what’s going on here.”

About ADvantage LED Signs:
Established in 2009, ADvantage LED Signs is a US manufacturer of LED signs and LED Billboards, selling direct to businesses, schools and organizations nationwide. ADvantage LED Signs operates as a total turn-key solution provider, stating that no job is too big or too small.

Source: ADvantage LED Signs