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Continovation Services (CSI) and InfoSign Media Announce Distribution Agreement

Continovation Services (CSI) a national processing centre for dental insurance claims have announced an agreement with InfoSign Media of Montreal to become the Canadian distributor of InfoSign Media services outside the Province of Quebec.

InfoSign Media produces and distributes digital media network communication solutions. These are primarily educational 2D and 3D digital video clips that enable dental offices and clinics to optimize in-office patient information displays and optimize their Web sites.

InfoSign’s flagship product is ServDentist TV, a library of video content of over 140 different computer animated dental procedures produced by the company and stored on digital players in dental offices for display on TV screens. Over 500 dentists, orthodontists and denturists subscribe to the ServDentist TV service, which is available on a 24/7 basis.

Joel Bisson, President of CSI commented on the agreement saying: “We think the InfoSign digital media products will be very well received by the medical dental community across the Country and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Yves Corsi, CEO of InfoSign Media said partnering with Continovation Services would extend the reach of his company into new markets. “We had been looking for a partner with the capability to reach out across Canada and beyond. CSI is a natural fit with us and we expect rapid growth to result.”

About Continovation Services (CSI)
Owned by the Canadian Dental Association, CSI provides online services that enable the secure transmission of health information between dentists, patients and insurance carriers. CSI’s flagship service, the ITRANS suite of services, claims service, provides secure, real-time transmission of health benefit processors, insurers and TPAs.

About InfoSign Media
Infosign Media offers visual communication solutions designed specifically for the waiting, OP rooms and web sites of dentists, orthodontists and denturists. Well known for its unique approach and the quality of its productions, InfoSign Media produces and distributes ready-to-go, digital TV signage with dynamic and interactive content.

InfoSign Media works closely with its clients and partners to offer innovative visual communication solutions. InfoSign Media offers business of all sizes an opportunity to communicate with their clients and employees while providing them with modern communication solutions which are simple efficient and which improves customer service and strengthens brand awareness.

Source: InfoSign Media

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