June 7, 2023


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Ryanair checks in to Amscreen’s low cost audience delivery

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Two of the UK and Ireland’s best known entrepreneurs, Lord Sugar and Michael O’Leary, have joined forces on an innovative new advertising deal, which was announced today. The agreement, which was brokered personally between the pair, will see O’Leary’s Ryanair become the first global partner of Sugar’s Amscreen, the UK’s largest Digital Media owner and enable the airline to broadcast tailored ads on almost 5000 Amscreen digital media screens across Europe.

With the ability to reach around 50 million potential customers across their networks, the initial 4 week campaign will roll-out on screens near the airline’s UK base airports and its base hubs in Germany and Poland, focussing on Ryanair’s lowest price messaging and value for customers. It’s also expected that the campaign will feature on the digital network within Switzerland, Austria and other European territories as part of Amscreen’s current and on-going world-wide expansion.

The campaign utilises Amscreen’s Adlive product, which allows a single piece of digital content to be simply tailored and modified locally via an online portal. This means that Ryanair’s country teams or central marketers can roll-out a price campaign, featuring the most relevant airport specific offers all in a matter of minutes. The Ryanair and Amscreen partnership represents the first time a brand has been able to instigate an international digital outdoor campaign with locally controlled content via Amscreen’s Ad-serving platform.

Adlive marks another step on Amscreen’s ambition to bring the flexibility of online to outdoor advertising. Their FNC proposition (Flexible National Content) brought the traditionally online practise of ‘ad-serving’ to Digital out of home – a system that simply stores, serves and delivers but most valuably automatically tailors content for multiple locations.

Michael O’Leary said “Ryanair has never advertised in this way before, but doing it with Amscreen is a total no-brainer. We can get tailored low price messages out to millions of potential customers across Europe at the touch of a button and the best thing is, if I am sitting at my desk in Dublin and decide that I want to take down the price of flights out of Germany, we can get that ad onto a screen in Berlin within minutes. I’m delighted we’ve come to this arrangement with Lord Sugar and am confident it will deliver immediate real results for Ryanair.”

Amscreen Chairman Lord Sugar said “We have the Europe’s largest most flexible digital network and our audience insights tell us where and when the best periods are to advertise. It wasn’t a hard sell to Michael – he can see why this campaign makes total sense for Ryanair and I hope he is the first of many clients to use us in this way. ”

About Amscreen:

Amscreen is a worldwide digital out of home media network reaching 50m adults each week. Amscreen provides a robust, end-to-end digital signage solution via its unique wireless plug and play technology. Their networks broadcast from 4000 sites across the UK are an effective communication tool for clients such as BP, Shell and WH Smith and a range of blue-chip advertisers such as Coca Cola, Ford, Sky, Visa and BT.

As well as operating in petrol, convenience, leisure and travel locations, Amscreen provides screens to the healthcare industry. Its revolutionary software provides both network partners and advertisers the ability to create and broadcast their own messages that can be viewed in prime dwelling areas such as waiting rooms, forecourts, banks, coffee shops and more.

Amscreen most recent network expansions include Oman, Kenya, Australia as well as developing the estates in Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria.

The live Amscreen mapping system allows advertisers to locate screens across the UK. Visit http://www.amscreen.co.uk/screen-media/mapping_tool.html to view the live mapping link for further information.

For more information on Amscreen, visit www.amscreen.co.uk

For further information, please contact Sophie Kay (Amscreen press office) at Frank PR – 020 7693 6999 / amscreen [at] frankpr.it

Source: Amscreen