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BlueFox Provides Retail Giant Intermarché with Fresh Content

BlueFox Digital Signage Content Intermarche

The Groupement des Mousquetaires has started in October the roll out of its new Digital Signage offer in Intermarche supermarkets across France. Until the end of the year 2012 the first 100 markets will be equipped; 300 installations with about 2,000 screens in total are planned in the next 12 months.

In the participating markets horizontal screens are located in the reception areas and at the checkout area; vertical screens are installed in the specialist departments (butcher and fishmonger). The loops respond to the different locations of the screens. The loop created for the checkout and reception areas are longer and contain more informational and entertainment content mixed with marketing messages whereas the loop at the specialist departments are showing more advertising. The programming varies according to different time slots, to optimize the shown content for the respective audience that is present in the markets at a certain time.

All service providers that take part in the installation have been carefully chosen in the last six months of preparation. A lot of energy was spent on the right content strategy that was developed together with BlueFox.

BlueFox was chosen for « its widely-acknowledged expertise in the field of content strategy, it’s clear positioning as content provider and its excellent references in the Digital Signage market », says Morgan Allennou, responsible of the project at Groupement des Mousquetaires.

Further providers are Gutenberg Networks, who design the promotional messages, Samsung who supply the screens, Telelogos who runs the software and Intellicast who care for the technical integration.

BlueFox offers high value “out of the shelf” and customized content solutions for the global dooh market, from feeds to video footage and creation of entire custom content channels. The company is the only content provider that is working worldwide and proposes its content in more than 20 languages. BlueFox serves all verticals and markets with eye-catching and relevant content for all target groups, easy to integrate into all digital signage systems.

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Andrea Le Vot
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