June 7, 2023


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ZetaDisplay Signed an agreement with University Pharmacy in Finland

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ZetaDisplay has begun working with a prominent Finnish pharmaceutical company, University`s Pharmacy (Yliopiston Apteekki), and has delivered the ZetaDisplay Digital Signage media platform to them. University`s Pharmacy is Finland’s largest employer of pharmaceutical staff.

University Pharmacy will initially communicate with three different zones in each pharmacy, namely: the Waiting zone, the Service zone and the Self-service zone. Using a Spot-Editor, which is a part of the ZetaDisplay media platform and operated in a data cloud, will mostly cover the content production of the system.

“We are pleased to have signed an agreement with a new pharmaceutical client, this time in Finland. We have already implemented a significant number of installations for CURA pharmacies in the Swedish market. For us it is confirmation of the success of our Pan-Nordic efforts. Unique competence in certain branches or vertical markets can be copied to our organisations in each country. This provides both important knowledge dissemination and the advantages of scale for ZetaDisplay,” says Leif Liljebrunn, CEO for ZetaDisplay AB (publ).

ZetaDisplay is in an expansive phase and has positioned itself in the market by being able to show markedly increased sales and improving communication for its clients by means of the company’s media platform for Digital Signage.

ZetaDisplay is a leading supplier of Digital Signage to major chains in the retailing and service sectors of the Nordic market. ZetaDisplay has about 40 employees and subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

About ZetaDisplay

ZetaDisplay is a leading supplier of Digital Signage to major chains in the retailing and service sectors of the Nordic market. The company has close links with research in this area and had demonstrated markedly increased retail sales with more satisfied customers.

ZetaDisplay offers complete media platforms for Digital Signage which include software, services and digital systems. The company’s media platforms enable clients to easily produce offers and ensure that a great deal of communication is presented on the right displays at the right time. Each media platform is operated and monitored centrally by the company. The distribution of media and playlists to the displays in stores and service centres is based on the Internet. Control and supervision of the communication is managed by both the company and its clients by means of a web-based interface that is accessed in the cloud via the Internet. The company undertakes media production and provides template tools which allow clients to create the content themselves. The complete solutions also include analyses, advice and project management, along with handling the installation of digital displays and communication equipment at each client site.

Source: ZetaDisplay