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ZetaDisplay Enters into a partnership with Fujitsu

ZetaDisplay goes into a partnership with Fujitsu. ZetaDisplay and Fujitsu are jointly offering total Digital Signage solutions for the global retail market.

ZetaDisplay is one of the leading Nordic suppliers of Digital Signage, and one of the fastest growing technology companies in Sweden.

“Co-operation with Fujitsu is strategically important for us”, says Leif Liljebrunn, ZetaDisplay Group Manager. “Our ambition is to lead the way in the development of Digital Signage internationally, and set a standard for this branch outside the Nordic countries too. Working together with Fujitsu will enable us to improve our service to both existing and new clients in the global market. ”

ZetaDisplay is a leader in digital communication for retailing, the financial sector and the services branch. The company offers a media platform for Digital Signage, which enables scheduled, directed digital presentation, film archiving and integration with other existing IT systems in an efficient manner, where services float in a cloud of data. Clients can quite simply and easily manage the entire production and distribution process themselves.

This joint approach between ZetaDisplay and Fujitsu is the result of the demand by major clients for a total partner in respect of retail solutions that are to be applied globally.

“Now we can widen our offers, above all to the retail trade, which further strengthens our market position,” says Lennart Mobäck, responsible for sales at Fujitsu. “ZetaDisplay shows wide competence within both technology and behavioural science, along with extensive knowledge concerning shop design. This co-operation is fundamental to continuing to increase our presence both in the Nordic countries and in other markets.”

The partnership between ZetaDisplay and Fujitsu comes into force immediately.

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese company for IT and communication solutions, and the world’s third largest company offering IT services. This collaboration is an important part of the company’s strategy. Other Fujitsu partners include Cisco and Microsoft. Fujitsu foresees increased growth in Digital Signage, primarily within retailing, the banking and financial sectors and the public sector.

Digital Signage is an area that is showing rapid growth. The market is expected to grow by 40% in two years, and its value is estimated to become over 47,000 million Swedish kronor in 2013, according to the market analysts IMS Research.

ZetaDisplay is in an expansive phase, and in the period between 2006 and 2011 grew by 305%. As of 2011, ZetaDisplay has been listed on NASDAQ OMX First North. Clients of ZetaDisplay include such companies as Audi, ICA, Panasonic, Shell, Team Sportia, Volkswagen, Euromaster, Sparbanken, OP-Bank, Sodexo, Europark and Thule.

About ZetaDisplay

ZetaDisplay is a leading supplier of Digital Signage to major chains in the retailing and service sectors of the Nordic market. The company has close links with research in this area and had demonstrated markedly increased retail sales with more satisfied customers.

ZetaDisplay offers complete media platforms for Digital Signage which include software, services and digital systems. The company’s media platforms enable clients to easily produce offers and ensure that a great deal of communication is presented on the right displays at the right time. Each media platform is operated and monitored centrally by the company. The distribution of media and playlists to the displays in stores and service centres is based on the Internet. Control and supervision of the communication is managed by both the company and its clients by means of a web-based interface that is accessed in the cloud via the Internet. The company undertakes media production and provides template tools which allow clients to create the content themselves. The complete solutions also include analyses, advice and project management, along with handling the installation of digital displays and communication equipment at each client site.

If you have questions, please contact:

ZetaDisplay AB (publ)
CEO Leif Liljebrunn
Telephone: +46 70 845 80 52
E-mail: leif.liljebrunn [at] zetadisplay.com

Source: ZetaDisplay

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