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Kinetic and Grand Visual launch 2012/13 UK Digital OOH Handbook

Kinetic, the world’s largest planner and buyer of OOH media and Grand Visual, an award winning, production and creative technology company, have launched the 4th edition of their UK Digital Out of Home Handbook.

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) has continued to grow from strength to strength in 2012.  There were 35 new formats being sold and over 3,700 new sites installed.  This continued investment contributed to the first quarter of 2012 being up 42% year on year.

Kinetic’s guide to DOOH in the UK, produced in conjunction with Grand Visual, provides media agencies, creatives and clients with an overview of all available DOOH formats, with all the information needed to create appropriate copy – from technical guidelines to loop lengths and interactivity potential. The handbook gives an insight into every category of screen, from one-off locations to nationwide networks.

Kinetic anticipates that by the end of 2012, spend will reach over £153m, an increase of 23% on 2011.  If this level is achieved, DOOH will account for 16.5% of the overall OOH marketplace in the UK.

Significant investment has also gone into making digital OOH formats more interactive.  The increased availability and demand for interactivity has led to this being a particular focus of the handbook this year.  The Interactivity section covers a growing number of screens and networks that have the latest camera-based, touch or mobile interactive technologies permanently available, to be utilised by advertisers at any time.  Thanks to continued investment by media owners into their respective portfolios, advertisers are able to satisfy their need to truly engage with their consumers.

Carolyn Nugent, Head of Digital at Kinetic, said: “At Kinetic we have a duty to keep our clients and partners informed of the latest developments in DOOH so that they can maximise the potential of their advertising.  We know from previous editions that the handbook converts a desire to create ground-breaking campaigns into a reality. The opportunities continue to evolve on the back of considerable media owner investment in sites and technology.”

Neil Morris, Founder and MD at Grand Visual, believes the handbook gives creative agencies the opportunity to explore the landscape of DOOH: “It remains vital that creative teams and producers have a good grasp of the potential of digital Out of Home and we will continue to work with the industry to deliver flexible content and creative solutions.”

The handbook is available to view online here or from either Kinetic or Grand Visual.

For more information contact:
Nick Mawditt
Kinetic Worldwide
020 7544 4635
nick.mawditt [at] kineticww.com

Alix Wood
Grand Visual
079 8906 8416
alix.wood [at] grandvisual.com

Source: Kinetic

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