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ScreenScape Moves to .COM, Simplifies Professional Content Creation

ScreenScape introduces high grade content on low cost appliances with new website.

ScreenScape Networks announced today that it has launched ScreenScape.com, the next generation of its leading place-based media software solution.

ScreenScape.com simplifies the content creation process, which is often a sticking point for budget concious small businesses. Members of ScreenScape can use the system to quickly create professional grade content at low cost.

The new version of ScreenScape delivers these enhancements while making significant gains in the efficiency of its player technology. As a result, hardware recommendations have dropped from beefier CPU’s to lighter and leaner cheaper options. Less expensive display appliances are now excellent deployment options.

“ScreenScape is making it easier than ever to activate your brand and reward your customer where it really counts,” said ScreenScape Founder Mark Hemphill. “We’re thrilled to share a new and improved version of ScreenScape that makes professional content creation easier and more cost-effective.”

The new version of ScreenScape introduces a design-centric approach for content. The approach turns advanced content creation into a simple fill-in-the-blanks process. Users of ScreenScape will see the quality of their displays go up, while their content creation costs and timelines go down.

While accommodating retailers, brand marketers, and network operators, these changes recognize a growing trend toward “non-professional” operators of digital signage. As small- and medium-sized businesses enter the market in growing numbers, the need for a simple yet effective content creation solution increases.

“Executing content for effective place-based marketing is a process,” continued Hemphill. “With the new ScreenScape.com, it’s easier for operators to make an impact with customers as they make key buying decisions. Customized, professional-grade design can be published live to thousands of ScreenScape-enabled venues with the click of a mouse.”

ScreenScape is a content authoring and distribution platform that connects businesses and helps them engage audiences inside real world places using Internet-enabled digital displays. ScreenScape’s community-based approach represents a shift in the way digital signage networks are built and in the way digital content, such as online video, is distributed to places of business.

About ScreenScape Networks
ScreenScape is an online service for engaging audiences in the real world. By offering a repository of community-shared content and a pool of targeted sales and marketing opportunities ScreenScape makes place-based media easier and more affordable to deliver and more effective as a tool for engaging with today’s connected consumer.

Source: ScreenScape Networks

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