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Software platform deploys multitouch projects faster

DISPLAX launched an extensible multitouch software, ARENA Multitouch Platform, to be used with large format multitouch displays in multiuser environments such as retail, museums, malls, exhibitions, events and other public facilities.

This software can be used with any touchscreen display using Windows 7 and offers a fast and reliable experience combined with powerful graphical aesthetics. Large amounts of multimedia data are processed very quickly. For instance, several high-quality videos, images, PDFs can be viewed and zoomed simultaneously and with great fluidity.

The first layer offers best of breed Apps to cover the most common requests of the professional market. These range from areas such as media, news, and web to social network, entertainment, and games. More Apps and more contents can easily be added to the mix to adjust functionalities to project needs. To deal with specific and uncommon requirements, ARENA allows inclusion of external applications that can be developed using different languages, providing freedom and flexibility to the developer – DISCOVER ALL THE APPS AVAILABLE

The services layer has tools to remotely monitor, manage and administrate the project deployed. Innovative features such as cloud, watchdog, advanced logging, diagnosis tools and software updates are available. The integrator can focus on the detailed customer requirements and build on top of this core layer.  The Cloud system synchronizes contents across all the computers, saving time and making contents management easy – DISCOVER MORE ABOUT THESE FEATURES

An AppStore with Paypal payments has been implemented to support the entire platform. Arena AppStore has available to download two different packs and Apps can be added on a one-basis – VISIT ONLINE STORE

Projects deployers can benefit from digital signage software features, such as large scale deployment, remote control and cloud sync. It´s possible to combine these features with characteristics already native in customized standalone multimedia applications, such as being tailor made to customer requirements and at the same time being touch oriented.

Multitouch projects can now become bigger in scale and in reliability while smaller in deployment time and development costs.


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