Sunday, July 14, 2024

A New Original Screenfeed Production Powered by National Geographic

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Screenfeed Production Powered by National GeographicScreenfeed has launched production of another original series specifically built to engage audiences of digital signage. ‘Destinations’ is an ongoing series of video shorts that transports viewers to scenic corners of the globe through the breathtaking photographs and footage of National Geographic.

Focused on the adventure travel brings, each 1-minute segment allows the audience to ‘get away’ and learn about what its like to travel to each destination through images, footage, narration and on-screen facts.

“Screenfeed is dedicated to providing the highest-quality, syndicated media for the digital signage medium and National Geographic’s 124-year history of capturing indescribable sights and scenery makes them the perfect partner,” says Jeremy Gavin, CEO of Screenfeed.

Digital signage network operators will appreciate that a new Destination is added to the series each and every week to keep their screens fresh. In addition to the current weekly episode, networks can leverage the full library of Destinations to fill their playlists.

Screenfeed produces Destinations to work with or without audio. Audio contains complete narration and background music while on-screen information accompanies the imagery to entertain in venues without sound.

Integration into playlist loops is easy due to the fact that each episode is produced to the exact same duration and Destinations can be delivered automatically through Media RSS, Direct URL or provided via FTP.

“Teleporting viewers to Antarctica and the French Riviera is another ‘nail in the coffin’ to the old fashion ticker” says Steve Glancey, Director of Sales at Screenfeed, “viewers expect great content or they won’t pay attention, and I’m proud to work for a company that is making eyeballs look at screens for a price any network can afford.”

To view samples and pricing of Screenfeed’s Destinations content visit:

About Screenfeed

Screenfeed – The Digital Signage Store is the leading content production and syndication company serving the digital signage industry. Screenfeed is passionate about making fresh, top-quality content available at great prices regardless of a network’s size. Screenfeed services include content licensing, and original production with over 75 different channels that plug-n-play with most digital signage software and hardware. Screenfeed licenses content feeds on a monthly subscription basis in categories of news, weather, health, trivia, lifestyle and infotainment and requires no contracts.

Source: Screenfeed

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