May 30, 2023

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Digital Signage needs interaction and personalization

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Telelogos announces the latest version of its digital signage software Media4Display. This version includes two major innovations to conduct POS digitization: interactive digital signage with mobile users, and personalization of messages to the customer.

Telelogos presents the new release (version 3) of its digital signage software Media4Display. This release includes two major innovations for POS digital advertising:

1 – Interactive digital signage with mobile users: Media4Display provides two ways for mobile users to interact with information available on DS screens in retail outlets. By scanning a QR Code on a product using a Smartphone, a customer can instantly get information on the selected product. Digital content is then displayed on screens located near the customer in the store. Furthermore, a department store manager can instantly interact with digital signage content, using a tablet. This application allows managers to launch occasional commercial offers at certain times of the day (“the right content to the right person at the right time”). This feature allows an increase in reactivity for in store advertising.

2 – Personalization of messages to the shoppers: Thanks to the use of customer information recorded by the store, Media4Display can personalize messages in digital signage (promotions, recommendations, loyalty gifts …), through the identification of a customer’s loyalty card. The displayed advertisement will depends on data from the information system, by creating customer’s profile (age, sex, purchasing behavior…). This feature allows stores to increase their sales.

“For 30 years, we have been publishing software dedicated to the world of retail, including file transfer and data synchronization, with a 60% market share in retail stores in France (McDonald’s, Yves Rocher, Intermarché…). This new release of our digital signage software Media4Display naturally fits into the continuity of our business based on our historical expertise in mobility and data synchronization.” Yves Clisson – President Telelogos.

Furthermore, Media4Display Release 3 offers a new ergonomic interface, and other new features:…

For 30 years, Telelogos has worked as an independent French software publisher, specializing in Mobile Device Management (management of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, rugged terminals, etc.), Mobile Application Management (management of business application and data synchronization), and remote fixed device management (POS, back office, automate systems, etc.), as well as digital signage. Telelogos offers highly effective, reliable, secure software solutions for companies and public organizations. Almost 300,000 Telelogos licenses have been sold to date. 2,000 major corporations and small- and medium-sized businesses use the software on a daily basis to manage their strategic data exchanges, their fleets of remote devices, or their digital signage.