Monday, December 11, 2023

Val Morgan Retail Media and Vanish Napisan Install First Digital Coupon Dispenser

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Reckitt Benckiser is the first advertiser to target shoppers in the retail environment with an innovative new digital touch screen coupon dispenser developed by Val Morgan Retail Media.

The Vanish Napisan custom build units are running over the next few weeks in selected shopping centres across Sydney and Melbourne. The eye catching units are designed to encourage interaction between shoppers on the path to purchase, running TVC content with the facility to dispense Vanish Napisan discount coupons for redemption with key retail partners within the shopping centre.

Val Morgan Retail Media National Sales director Matt Bushby said, “The new custom built Vanish Napisan units are a media first and a great demonstration of the technologically driven advancements that we’re installing into shopping centres for our clients.”

Assistant Brand Manager for Vanish Napisan at Reckitt Benckiser Daniel Harsanyi said, “These innovative digital coupons are an ideal way to influence consideration and purchase amongst shoppers whilst on the path to purchase without disrupting their shopping routine. Consumers are able to use the coupon to redeem a unique discount on Vanish Napisan products that are not currently on promotion in supermarkets. It’s truly an innovative addition to our advertising presence within retail centres.”

Source: Val Morgan Retail Media

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