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Datapath Announces General Availability of the new RSN870 IP Render Station

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Datapath RSN870 Render StationDatapath Ltd, the Derby-based innovator of computer graphics, video capture and video wall display technology, today announced the general availability of its RSN870 IP Render Station.

The RSN870 is an addition to Datapath’s expanding professional video wall product range. The RSN870 IP Render Station can decode a large number of IP video streams, such as in IP based CCTV systems and is built on industrial PC technology for reliability, high availability, and professional applications. The RSN870 can be configured from 1 to 3 render processors and multiple render stations can be used with a single Datapath Display Wall Controller, making the system scalable and cost effective. The RSN870 can be configured to support between 16 and 240 simultaneous IP video streams on a single display wall.

This easy to install Render Station is configured to manage systems with 100’s and 1000’s of IP streams for display in a single control room, making it ideal for applications such as intelligent traffic management centres, public utility control centres and other control room environments. Built on an underlying PC architecture, the RSN series of Render Stations can easily be adapted to new IP camera stream protocols and IP configuration requirements in the future.

Datapath RSN870 Render Station Key Features and benefits:

  • Completely flexible display wall layouts, with the options of scaling, overlapping and the ability to save and recall display layouts
  • 240 full D1 resolution windows, full rate capability (30/25 frames per second)
  • Monitor the status of each render processor
  • Easily add more camera manufacturers and camera configurations
  • Integrates with Datapath WallControl application and Datapath Display controllers

“We are very pleased with the initial reception of the RSN870 in the market.” said Bjorn Krylander, CEO at Datapath and continued “large systems for IP video remain challenging to the industry and we believe the RSN870 enables system integrators to provide IP solutions without being overwhelmed by support and installation issues.”

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