Sunday, October 1, 2023

EyeStep Interactive Floor Installed at The Exploration Place Museum

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The Exploration Place Museum + Science Centre recently opened a new exhibit entitled “Biome.”  Before entering the Biome, guests walk across an interactive floor that responds magically to each guest’s step.  The floor can assume numerous appearances, one image has the appearance of a desert, and when walked on, the sand “blows away” to reveal dinosaur bones.  Another image begins with “bugs” and when a guest steps on the image, all the bugs approach their feet.  Tracy Calogheros, CEO of the Exploration Place, stated that  “the interactive floor stops guests in their tracks.  They are totally amazed when they realize their gestures trigger the action on the floor.  In fact, we have to encourage our guests to keep walking towards the Biome space.”

EyeStep interactive floor displays easily turn open floor spaces or unnoticed areas into an ongoing experience of movement, action, fun and excitement, stopping people in their tracks as they play, walk by or interact with your customized content.  EyeClick’s first-class professional and creative services can tailor EyeStep to create that special effect or theme.  EyeStep is considered a highly effective marketing and brand enhancing tool that captivates and engages target audiences in retail environments, trade shows, museums, lobbies, open spaces, playgrounds and visitor centers.

About the Exploration Place Museum and Science Centre

The Exploration Place Museum and Science Centre is owned and operated by the Fraser-Fort George Museum Society, a non-profit society and registered charity. The Museum first opened in 1981 and was expanded and rebranded as The Exploration Place in 2001 with funding from the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, The Government of Canada, Canfor Corporation, and The Government of British Columbia.

About EyeClick

EyeClick specializes in creating inventive products that transform designated spaces into magical experiences. The company’s EyePlay, EyeStep and EyeWall products open up a world of possibilities to engage audiences in out-of-home locations. EyeClick has helped leading brands, from Burger King and NASA to Namco and GattiTown, transform their floors, walls and window areas into spectacular interactive displays that leave a long-lasting impression on visitors. EyeClick gives designers, hospitals, event planners, retailers, media companies, family entertainment centers, restaurants, and other organizations the ability to showcase rich interactive digital content in public spaces.

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