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TK-3 selects Navori for the Malta shopping mall’s Digital Signage project

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TK3 1TK3 2TK3 is a system intergator located in Poznan, Poland. The company has a background in the television industry and is staffed by highly skilled engineers. TK-3’s digital signage offering is called SpotScreen and their first installation is in one of the largest shopping mall in Poland near Lake Malta.

In the main galleries of the Malta shopping mall, visitors can see the SpotScreen totems which are made up of 6 double sided, 63 inch video screens. The double sided totems were designed by TK-3 and they are the first installation of this kind in Poland. Each totem is equipped with a PC running the Navori Player software application. All Players are controlled by a Navori Server located back at the TK-3 office. There are 170 shops in the mall and each one can display their own adds on the SpotScreen monitors. Mall administrators have access to up to 20% of the daily schedule time so they can advertise special events.

TK-3 selected the Navori Digital Signage solution after testing two competing products, the Sony Ziris system and the CAYIN hardware player and server.

Why did TK-3 choose Navori?

Tomasz Kolaczyk, TK-3’s President lists 3 main contributing factors:

Cost to benefit ratio.
Ease of installation and use.
Personal communication with Navori personnel.

Information on TK-3 and the SpotScreen system can be found online at

To find out more about the Navori digital signage software platform, please visit the Navori web site at or contact our head office directly:

World Trade Center
Avenue Gratta Paille 2
CH-1000 Lausanne
Phone: +41 21 641 19 60
Fax: +41 21 641 19 61

Source: Navori

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