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Zoom Media percolates with Moca-Loca Cafes

–New partnership with trendy cafes expands Zoom network–

Zoom Media Group Inc. (Zoom) – the largest targeted lifestyle media in Canada (www.zoommedia.com) – is pleased to announce its new relationship with six Gatineau-based, Moca-Loca Cafe restaurants (www.mocalocacafe.com) effective immediately.  The partnership will greatly expand Zoom Media’s presence in the Outaouais, PQ region and present high quality environments for its media placements to a discerning and highly engaged audience.

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome the Moca-Loca Cafe chain to our Resto-Bar network,” says Éric Fortin, vice-president, operations and development, Zoom Media Canada.  “This new addition of trendy venues represents a significant opportunity for us to expand our media offerings to our clients,” he concluded.

Zoom has a number of fashionable and sophisticated clients whose customers closely match the demographics of the Moca-Loca patrons.  The restaurants’ relaxed atmosphere and enticing aromas lend themselves perfectly to a friendly get together or business meeting, providing targeted advertising opportunities for fashion, lifestyle and high end products and services.

Serving up tasteful media options

Zoom Media offers eight targeted networks, among them fitness facilities, retail outlets, university and college campuses, and restaurants and bars.  Matching the narrowly defined customer demographics of a specific venue or chain of venues, the agency provides accurate targeting of advertising messages with a high degree of efficiency.  The company has been expanding its network base and now numbers over 4000 venues.

About Moca-Loca Cafes

Synonymous with good taste, Moca-Loca Co. is committed to offering a memorable experience in an ultra-modern atmosphere.  Our customers enjoy fine coffees, gourmet teas and a wide selection of delicious, healthy meals and desserts.  The relaxed atmosphere and enticing aromas lend themselves perfectly to a friendly get together or business meeting.  The freshness of our recipes and specialty coffees and gourmet teas is unmatched.  We are dedicated to provide complete satisfaction to our customers, our employees and franchisees.  Moca-Loca is a concerned corporate citizen and is actively involved in the life and events of the National Capital Region.  Moca-Loca prides itself in our integrity and quality of our products and services. (www.mocalocacafe.com)

About Zoom Media

Zoom Media Inc. is the largest targeted lifestyle media in Canada, comprising more than 30,000 billboards in over 4,000 establishments across 30 markets, including Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.  Zoom Media reaches specific target audiences through eight complementary networks that include resto-bars, college and university campuses, and fitness centers.  Research, event marketing, creative production and media integration services are also provided.  Zoom Media provides third-party media measurement through Nielsen media performance audits of all Zoom clients.  Zoom Media is a member of COMB and provides audited circulation of its advertising panels which report 99.4 per cent accuracy in our performance, the highest percentage of all OOH companies that are audited by COMB.  Zoom Media is also a founding member of OMAC and a board member of CODA.  Overall, Zoom Media Group Inc. owns and operates over 80,000 billboards across North America and Europe, of which more than 26,000 are digital. (www.zoommedia.com)

Source: Zoom Media

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