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Zoom Media bares all for Byly in Quebec Bikini Village boutiques

Zoom Media display boards in Bikini Village boutiques–Media campaign promotes depilatory strips in bikini store change rooms–

Zoom Media Inc. – the largest targeted lifestyle media in Canada (www.zoommedia.com) – is pleased to announce a new campaign for the European Byly brand of depilatory strips (www.byly.ca) through its Fashion Frame Network, in thirty Bikini Village boutiques throughout Quebec.  The campaign utilizes Fashion Frame Classic display boards in all of the change rooms in Bikini Village boutiques to promote the brand’s new gold ingredient, combined with a sampling offer of Byly’s new strip with each new bikini purchase.  This marks the third anniversary of the campaign partnership between Zoom, Bikini Village and Byly, which launches a new depilatory strip each year.

“Zoom Media gives us key targeted exposure for our brand with their Fashion Frame Network in Bikini Village boutiques,” noted Jean-Noël LaPlante, president, Premier Media.  “We know Bikini Village clients appreciate the opportunity to sample the product and, we know they look forward to it timed with the upcoming bathing suit season,” he concluded.

“Our lifestyle targeted Fashion Frame network is a perfect fit for Byly, Bikini Village and their customers,” added Martyne Rioux, vice-president, Fashion Frame.  “The placement of the advertising in the change rooms is an essential marketing component for Byly as it brings the need for the depilatory strips into an intimate context,” she explained.

The objective is to position Byly depilatory strips as an essential part of a woman’s cosmetic repertoire for summer.  The campaign runs throughout the month of April, a prime time for bikini sales and the advent of the summer travel season.

About Byly

Byly Laboratories was founded in 1942, in Barbera del Valles, a small Spanish town located just a few kilometers outside of Barcelona.  Since its inception, Byly Laboratories has been manufacturing and marketing cosmetic products for skin care and hygiene.  Every day we virtually reinvent ourselves by developing top quality products that are in line with our customers’ expectations.  Taking our inspiration from nature, we select only the finest of those ingredients that are best suited to the cosmetic benefits of each product.  Every day, we discover another little secret that allows us to continue evolving on an on-going basis.  Our priority is to provide our customers with effective, irresistable products at affordable prices.  At Byly, we have managed to win over millions of customers throughout the world with our broad range of products. (www.byly.ca)

About Zoom Media

Zoom Media Inc. is the largest targeted lifestyle media in Canada, comprising more than 30,000 billboards in over 4,000 establishments across 30 markets, including Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.  Zoom Media reaches specific target audiences through eight complementary networks that include resto-bars, college and university campuses, and fitness centers.  Research, event marketing, creative production and media integration services are also provided.  Zoom Media is a member of COMB and provides audited circulation of its advertising panels.  Zoom Media is also a founding member of OMAC and a board member of CODA.  Overall, Zoom Media Group Inc. owns and operates over 80,000 billboards across North America and Europe, of which more than 26,000 are digital. www.zoommedia.com

Source: Zoom Media

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