Home News REED Exhibitions features Aerva at MPV Marketing at Retail Show 2012

REED Exhibitions features Aerva at MPV Marketing at Retail Show 2012

The MPV Marketing at Retail Show 2012 organized by REED Exhibitions featured Aerva’s streaming Twitter application as part of an effort to keep audience engaged, between sucessive conferences, with interactive social media throughout the event. Aerva also had much to show for its interactive point-of-sale applications for digital screens involving QR codes, Pic2Screen, and Mobile Coupons.

With Aerva, brands develop new relationships with their customers!

Brands’ relationships with their customers are changing as social media and the web now play a pivotal role. To avoid being overwhelmed by this extraordinary upheaval, Aerva developed a technology allowing brands to be much closer to their customers by providing, through digital screens deployed at the point of sale (POS), a range of innovative services and an infinite array of real time interactions. Brands can thus create a new intricate relationship with their customers.

A customer wants to go shopping while sharing his experience with his circle of friends, family or social acquaintances? Thanks to technology developed by Aerva, brands will significantly enhance shoppers’ experiences at their store. Aerva’s software enables sharing virtually with friends on a selected product, bridging the gap between a POS and the e-commerce portal while enjoying coordinated promotions. Brands will then establish a new proximity with their customers, previously unimaginable.

Aerva enables customers to interact, through their smartphones, with screens deployed at the POS without having to download specific mobile applications and without having to touch the screens. Aerva, already active in the USA, has been present in Europe, through the French company O’Services, since September 2011.

Source: Aerva

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