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TrailerVision Digital Media Devices Drive Highest Recall Rates in Cinema Lobbies

Cinema Scene research results for video wall and LCD displays provide lift to advertisers

Cinema Scene Marketing, one of the nation’s leading providers of in-lobby media and promotions, announced today the results of its TrailerVision™ and Video WallAdvertising Research Report, conducted by the Worldwide Motion Picture Group of Ipsos MediaCT.  The results show the positive influence digital media had on consumers during their visit to the cinema.

Results were able to confirm recall rates and intentions to see upcoming movies:

  • Nearly 60% of patrons recalled viewing TrailerVision™ during their time in the lobby.  Highest among teens aged 12-16 years (65%)
  • Digital Video Advertising is perceived to be the most influential form of in-lobby advertising.  VideoWall (54%) and TrailerVision™ (51%), are more influential than traditional movie posters (33%) and standees (28%).  Digital Formats had a greater impact in making respondents ‘want to see the movie.’
  • Time Spent viewing TrailerVision™ was highest among younger males and older females.  Nearly 1/4 of all respondents mentioned viewing the displays for a few minutes or longer, with most respondents spending a little less than a minute viewing the content.
  • TrailerVision™ delivers positive impressions for its viewers.  58% strongly agree that it ‘is a very modern/innovative way to advertise’, 50% think the ‘graphics/special effects look cool’, and 47%  say it ‘is a fun way to find out about new movies’, (peaking at 55% among those under 25 years old).

“Consumers realize that TrailerVision™, both video walls and LCD poster displays, are the most modern and innovative way to learn about upcoming movie releases,” said Michael Holmes, Chief Marketing Officer, Cinema Scene. “The research demonstrates advertisers are realizing impressive results via campaigns utilizing the TrailerVision™ digital media network.”

“This research demonstrates that digital formats such as TrailerVision and could be a vital part of the media campaign,” says Keely Gillman, Vice President, Worldwide Motion Picture Group.

About the Study

Research conducted by the Worldwide Motion Picture Group of Ipsos MediaCT.  Fieldwork took place on Friday 12/2/11, Saturday 12/3/11 and Sunday 12/4/11. Methodology approaches included in-situation observation, as well as face-to-face intercepts. The research achieved more than 200 respondents per market, focusing on parents with children in their party; teens aged 12-16; and general moviegoers. Four test markets, and one control theatre were used in this study.

About Ipsos MediaCT – MPG

Ipsos MediaCT – MPG is the market consultation specialization within Ipsos that reaches, engages, and more effectively understands today’s digitally-driven moviegoer.  They have been the film industry’s primary source for research needs and marketing consultation over the past ten years, offering products and experience that cover all aspects of a film’s lifecycle.

Their parent company, Ipsos, was founded in 1975, and has been publicly traded since 1999. In 2010, Ipsos generated global revenues of euro 1.140 billion ($1.6 billion U.S.).

Visit www.worldwidempg.com to learn more about MPG’s offerings and capabilities.

About Cinema Scene

Cinema Scene Marketing, headquartered in Overland Park, Kan., is an industry leader in bringing promotional campaigns, packaging products and digital menu board solutions to the US exhibition market at key theatre circuits including Carmike Cinemas, Classic Cinemas, Clearview Cinemas, Marcus Theatres, Muvico Theaters, National Amusements Theatres, Pacific Theatres, Rave Motion Pictures, and Wehrenberg Theatres.

Cinema Scene Media is a series of media networks which reach over 300 million cinemagoers annually.  Its flagship TrailerVision™ network provides Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertisers a media network to reach the highly desirable and captive movie going consumers via a dynamic mix of LCD displays and video walls.


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