Monday, July 15, 2024

Caltron adds the MP-02V, Network Digital Signage Player with zoning and live TV streaming capability to our Digital Signage Player lineup

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MP 02V Digital Signage PlayerCaltron Introduces the MP-02V to he popular Digital Signage Players serie

Caltron has been working hard to adopt a live TV streaming option into our Digital Signage Players, so that users can have added options for advertising and uses for our networkable players.  Sometimes, when having video content is not enough, but there is also a need to stream live TV content, such as the news or a particular time sensitive update, the MP-02V allows for this to happen.

The MP-02V, network MPEG player with zoning, live TV Streaming and Content Management Software is the newest addition to Caltron’s growing Digital Signage Players line.  Just like Caltron’s MP-02A and MP-02Z, the MP-02V is capable of 24/7 playback and is built with robust industrial grade components.  The MP-02V is compatible with both CAT and iCAT for content management.  The MP-02V provides a cost effective option for projects and applications that require a digital signage player that is easy to use with many options available to use.

The MP-02V has the option of being a basic standalone player and is capable of looping images and videos continuously or it can be updated remotely through an intranet setting via CAT or through an internet setting via iCAT.  The zoning on the MP-02V allows for users to display live TV streaming content as well as displays video or picture ads simultaneously to display the best dynamic digital signage possible to the viewer.  Having the ability to advertise multiple content at the same time helps to deliver a powerful punch causing a greater impact to the consumers and viewers.

The MP-02V is as simple to use as Caltron’s current MP-02A and MP-02Z.  With any player, Caltron’s staff will always provide full technical support ensuring that all players will work well and that our customers are fully satisfied with the players and software.

If you have any questions or would like to order a unit for testing, then please contact one of our sales representatives at sales [at] or by calling 510-440-1800s.

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Based in Fremont, California, Caltron Industries is a leading provider of digital signage, open-frame monitors, and touch-screen monitors. Founded in 1997, Caltron’s products offer the cutting-edge of technology and can easily be integrated into OEM opportunities, all at affordable prices.

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