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First Waterproof Infrared Multi-touch Panel Introduced by ZaagTech

ZaagTech Waterproof Infrared Multi touch PanelZaagTech new product line is showcased at DSE 2012, the new series of waterproof infrared multi-touch overlays perform very well in challenging environment and is believed to benefit infrared multi-touch technology to become applicable in a much wider universe.

At DSE 2012 (Digital Signage Expo) held in Las Vegas (March 7th to 8th, 2012), the leading multi-touch solutions provider ZaagTech debuted infrared multi-touch overlays that are waterproof and dustproof for the first time, solving the long-existing stability challenge for infrared technology and making it possible for infrared multi-touch to be applied in a much wider universe.

The innovation was showcased as a component of a multi-touch table that is only 2 inch in thickness and supports up to 40 true touch points. Exhibitors from ZaagTech impressively demonstrated in the above video clip how resilient the multi-touch overlay performs by pouring drinks on to the screen. As it shows the touch panel recognizes multi touch points precisely as usual even after cups of liquid spill.

“Infrared overlays are widely chosen for multi-touch kiosks, digital signage, tables and walls because of reliability and cost effectiveness,” explained Olivia Yin, Co-founder and COO at ZaagTech, “but the challenge for the solution is the stability issue: the sophisticated hardware structure and algorithm are sensitive to disturbing obstacles. By introducing a product that performs well in much less perfect environment, ZaagTech solved this long-lasting problem for the first time and we are confident to bring a blast to the industry, eventually making multi-touch interaction applicable and realizable in more occasions – now a little drink spill will no longer stop you from playing games on your multi-touch bar table.”

Besides full range of infrared multi-touch overlays, ZaagTech also presented a 3D curved multi-touch wall that is 3.8 meters long, which demonstrates the firm’s ability in accomplishing customized projects. As claimed by ZaagTech, such customized multi-touch solutions are powered by their proprietary HSIR+ (Hybrid Scattered Infrared Plus) technology, another revolutionary innovation for the multi-touch industry.

DSE is the world’s largest international trade show dedicated to digital signage, interactive technologies and out-of-home networks.


About ZaagTech

ZaagTech was founded in May 2010 by a team of engineers from Silicon Valley and an MBA from Harvard Business Scool. The company now has 15 patents, 40 engineers, three offices and two production lines. The firm has developed strategic collaboration with China Unicom, LG, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, etc., and has received multiple governmental awards. ZaagTech has become a recognized brand for product innovation, commitment to quality and technical leadership in the field.

“Touching Life, Connecting More”. ZaagTech’s mission is to create high-end multi-touch products for use at home and office at the most affordable prices. The team members are enthusiastic in research, development, and production in the multi-touch market and the firm achieves results with products that use visually rich, intuitive, and powerful techniques. For more information, please visit http://www.zaagtech.com

Source: ZaagTech

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