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New Scala Software Helps Organizations Create Bold Digital Signage That Commands Attention

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New Scala 5, Release 6 Software Showcased at Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2012 – Scala Booth #601

At Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2012, Scala, Inc. (DSE booth #601) will introduce Scala 5, Release 6, digital signage software which makes it easy to develop and deliver bold, branded content that commands the attention of targeted micro-audiences. Scala software enables customers and partners to create broadcast-quality channels that deliver unique messages – pulling content from a variety of information sources.

Scala software helps organizations to grab audience attention by connecting virtually any data source using almost any device to deliver precisely tailored messages. These devices can range from using tablets and smart phones to take control of what is playing on the screen to CxO boards that provide real-time information by consolidating and displaying key performance metrics from customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning packages such as

The new release includes significant features across the Scala platform of Designer, Content Manager and Player, which drives content creation, management and distribution in digital signage networks.

“Scala software helps organizations reach large audiences in very targeted ways – at critical places such as points of decision and points of sale,” said Marcy Patzer, Senior Director, Retail Strategy at Scala. “With Scala software, our customers and partners can transform markets by delivering personalized, memorable encounters with digital signage wherever consumers or employees are located.”

Included among the Scala 5, Release 6 capabilities are:

Making Content Creation Easier, More Flexible
Scala Designer software now includes a range of dramatic new visual enhancements that can be combined to produce dynamic, broadcast-quality content for targeted audiences. The software makes it easier to change signage elements quickly, such as accommodating a price change, so existing content can be updated instantaneously, avoiding the time and expense of recreating an entire piece of content.

Creative users can easily add soft shadows and soft outline effects to text and any media object. They can also apply a color gradient, pattern or image to the surface of text or to the shadow, outline, or backdrop of any object type. The software enables users to become true artists by creating text that looks like chrome, rough metal, rainbows, smoke, fire and more. Included is a plug-in application for Adobe® Photoshop®, allowing designers to share work easily between the applications.

In addition, a transparency gradient can be applied to all graphic elements. Shadow and outline effects are available for various types of animated elements, including Adobe Flash®, animation, streaming video and TV input. Combining these effects will produce bold graphics that jump off the screen and make the digital signage element created with Scala Designer stand out above the rest and engage audiences.

More Video and Streaming Options
Scala 5, Release 6 provides expanded integration with IPTV streaming servers and live digital video cameras with support for standard H.264 and MPEG2 streaming videos in addition to existing support for Windows® Media Streaming protocols. This capability makes it possible to add, size and position most of the popular industry-standard streaming video formats in Scala, helping customers keep their content fresh so it appeals to audiences.

Razor-Sharp HD Quality
Scala software now supports capture cards, such as the Datapath RGB E-1 video capture card and BlackMagic Intensity Pro video capture card, for capturing high-definition component video signals at 720p or 1080i, as well as unencrypted HDMI up to 1080p. This feature allows Scala to size and position a live, high-definition digital video signal from many popular set-top boxes from cable and satellite providers with full overlay and multi-zone abilities.

Improved IT Management
The new release provides IT managers with more tools to shape and fine-tune their digital signage networks. Scala Content Manager can now integrate with LDAP servers, such as Microsoft’s Active Directory server, for user authentication (verification of user name and password).
The latest release also gives network operators more control over the bandwidth used by the digital signage network. The software allows users to specify various bandwidth rates over multiple time intervals within a day per player. For example, digital signage network traffic could be reduced when a point of sale system is being used to facilitate transaction processing.

Digital Signage Expo® 2012 is scheduled for March 6-9, 2012, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas.

About Scala

Driving more than 500,000 screens worldwide, Scala Inc. is a leading global provider of digital signage and advertising management solutions. Scala is the world’s first connected signage company, offering the leading platforms for content creation, management and distribution in digital signage networks and the first unified platform for advertising management of both traditional and digital signage networks. Scala is headquartered near Philadelphia, Pa., and has subsidiaries in Canada, The Netherlands, France, Norway, Germany, Japan and India, as well as more than 500 partners in more than 90 countries. For more information, visit: or the Scala blog. Connect with Scala via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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