March 31, 2023

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En Route Media a Indian Company introduced Digital Ads in Taxicabs

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Garnier, ET Now, Tata Docomo and McDonalds get innovative by partnering with En Route Media’s in-taxi platform.

Mumbai based firm En Route Media, who recently introduced Flo, India’s first in-taxi advertising and entertainment network,is already managing to attract the big brands of the Indian advertising world.

Flo is a pioneering DOOH medium with its high-tech sound enabled touch screen, strategically placed behind the passenger head rests in radio taxis. This tablet like device is a platform for advertisers to display dynamic advertisements in the form of TVCs or effective side banners. These advertisements are highly engaging and have been very well received by passengers as they are wrapped by high-quality content from partners like CNBC TV18, Fox Traveler and Red Bull, amongst many.

En Route Media’s latest additions into their basket of advertisers include Garnier, Tata Docomo, McDonald’s and ET Now. Commenting on this impressive set of brands using Flo, Nabendu Bhattacharya, Founder of Milestone Brandcom, India’s leading OOH agency, was quoted saying, “As a specialist Out – Of – Home Agency we are constantly looking for brand relevant communication, especially in-transit Out-Of-Home media tools that catch the consumer in a captive environment while they relax on the move. Digital in-taxi media is a proven dynamic media in countries abroad, and En Route’s initiative to introduce the medium in India offers wide options for brands and creative agencies to come out with innovative campaigns.”

Flo solves the issue of accountabilityprevalent in the Indian Out-Of-Home Advertising industry with its advanced back-end servers that keep track of every event taking place on the screens, making it easy for the brand to follow the actual number of exposures their campaigns receive.Furthermore, Flo’s interactive screens provide brands with an impactful advertising experience and quality engagement.

Upon roping in these big brands, Varun Jain, Co-founder of En Route Media said, “The addition of leading advertisers such as Garnier, Tata Docomo, McDonald’s and ET Nowto our roster shows that there is a real need for a medium, such as this, that provides low wastage and high impact. Such advertisers recognize that it’s not necessarily only a numbers game; it’s important to look beyond the reach and understand the environment in which a marketing message can be delivered tothe target audience effectively. Our team has put a very high emphasis on the technology behind the medium, to ensure that it delivers strong ROI to advertisers.”

In the past, brands like Volkswagen, The Economist and Siemens have also included Flo in their media strategy. With the list of brands showing faith in Flogrowing upwards, this young in-taxi advertising medium is proving to be a truly promising addition to the Indian Advertising World.

Source: En Route Media

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