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Setred brings a new 3D display, Clariti, to ISE 2012

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New 3D display without glasses

Setred present a new 3D display using a unique technology of 3D visualisation without glasses. The innovative Setred Clariti visualisation solution is a significant milestone and an exciting first step towards delivering professionals greater ease and efficiency when it comes to virtual navigation and complex 3D data investigation. The Setred Clariti is highly suitable for a wide range of professional application such as medical (radiology, interventional radiology and cardiology).

Benefit from Setred innovation

Setred’s display acts as a digital hologram and has a set of features that makes it uniquely suited for high-end professional applications:
1. Autostereoscopic: No 3D glasses required.
2. High end 3D quality: High resolution, large depth, with motion horizontal parallax (look-around capabilities).
3. Wide field of view: Allows for multiple viewers and freedom of movement.
4. No head tracking: High reliability and unlimited number of viewers.
5. Flexibility: Adapt to different user situations simply by pushing a button.

About Setred
Setred is a technology innovation company that develops innovative 3D visualisation technology for professionals. The revolutionary plug and play full 3D display technology enables high quality 3D without the use of special glasses or other head tracking devices. Focused on becoming a world leading supplier of 3D displays, Setred has a number of pending wholly owned patent applications. Stemming from a display technology research project at the UK’s prestigious Cambridge University, Setred was founded in 2004 and currently has offices and research facilities in Oslo, Stockholm and London.

Setred Norway
Setred AS
Gaustadalléen 21
N-0349 Oslo
Tel +47 97 62 95 77

Setred U.K.
Setred Ltd
Canterbury Court
1-3 Brixton Road
London SW9 6DE
Tel +44 7973 421 522

Setred Sweden
Setred AB
Sankt Eriksgatan 46B
SE-112 34 Stockholm
Tel +46 8 5000 4390
info [at]

Source: Setred

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