June 7, 2023


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BroadSign-powered networks can now join the ad-dollar party

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BroadSign International has started recruiting digital signage networks running on its SaaS to join the new web-platform that allows buyers to view, target and execute cross-network ad campaigns. This full-cycle DOOH campaign fulllment has become possible due to the integration of BroadSign Open with Argo Digital Solution’s (formerly RMS Networks) DOOH media planning and buying exchange — rVue.

One of BroadSign’s largest customers — LevelVisionTM:College network and a few other undisclosed networks have already opened their ad space to media buyers via the BroadSign/rVue platform. Any of the 160+ BroadSign-powered networks can now benet from the combined technology breakthrough.

“Our relationship with Argo gives our networks an opportunity to be seen by mainstream media planners and advertisers via a unied interface that simplies buying digital out-of-home,” said Brian Dusho, president and chief strategy ocer of BroadSign International. “For the rst time in DOOH history, automated planning and buying stages are supplemented by fully automated campaign execution and reporting modules, which will greatly facilitate massive cross-network media buys.”

“The decision to integrate BroadSign Open and rVue into our venue-based ad network was an easy one. LevelVision specializes in inventing innovative media technology solutions. Through rVue, our unique and impactful digital oor screens will be accessible to a wider range of ad agencies looking to reach college students — when they’re on-campus and at-retail. It is a powerful solution that helps monetize networks with an easy to use, web-based user interface,” says Bob Martin, president and CEO of LevelVision LLC, who was formerly an award-winning media director at Universal McCann.

Source: http://www.broadsign.com/Resources/pdfs/BroadSign_AdRevenue_y09m07d10.pdf