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ATEN Launches New HDMI Media Distribution Solution for Digital Signage Environments

ATEN International, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced connectivity solutions, today unveiled its VanCryst™ HDMI Media Distribution Solution (MDS) which enables users to distribute full high-definition media content to multiple displays situated in various locations. ATEN’s HDMI MDS is comprised of a four-port VS1804T or eight-port VS1808T HDMI over Cat5 splitter in conjunction with a VE800R HDMI extender.

The VS1804T/VS1808T offers a quick and efficient way to transfer high-definition multimedia content and HDCP data from an HDMI input source to four or eight displays via Cat 5e cables. In conjunction with the VE800R HDMI extender, the VS1804T/VS1808T can support multi-displays and provides the flexibility needed for a customized digital signage or HDMI display installation, allowing user to set up the display device 60 m (200 ft) from the HDMI source device. In addition, the HDMI Media Distribution Solution is cascadable to three levels for easy video output expansion.

Leveraging the HDMI specification, which offers deep colors and support for 3D content, the rack-mountable VS1804T/VS1808T is capable of transferring superb video resolutions of up to 1920×1200 (WUXGA). With EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) technology built directly into the VS1804T/VS1808T, users are presented with a range of options to configure their video display for optimal quality. Additionally, the VS1804T/1808T offers bi-directional RS-232 serial interface which enables system control through a high-end controller.

“As the digital signage market has continued to mature and expand, the HDMI specification has also proliferated and can be found in many hardware devices such as HDTVs, Blu-ray players and video game consoles,” explained Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International.” With our latest offering, the HDMI Media Distribution Solution, we are now providing our customers with HDMI-compatible hardware which can be leveraged to distribute high-definition video and audio from one input to as many as eight displays.”

The VanCryst™ HDMI MDS is ideal for any installation that requires HDMI content to be delivered to multiple destinations, such as:
• Store or tradeshow digital signage
• Broadcasting information to public locations (news, airline and train schedule and arrival/departure information)
• Sporting events
• Theater and lecture overview rooms
• Classroom and company training facilities
• Financial services (investment banks, stock exchanges)

In addition to the HDMI MDS, ATEN also offers other two similar solutions leveraging VGA technology:
• Standard Plus MDS: a VS1204T (4-port) or VS1208T (8-port) A/V over Cat 5 splitter in combination with a VE170R or VE170RQ A/V over Cat 5 Receiver (with Deskew)
• Advanced MDS: a VS1504 (4-port) or VS1508 (8-port) A/V over Cat 5 splitter in combination with a VB552 VGA over Cat 5 Repeater or VE200R A/V over Cat 5 extender (dual A/V output)

The new ATEN VanCryst™ HDMI Media Distribution Solution is now available. For more information, please contact: ATEN International (phone: +886-2-8692-6789, fax: +886-2-8692-6577 Email: marketing [at] aten.com, www.aten.com) or contact your local ATEN sales representatives or distributor.

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About ATEN

ATEN International Co., Ltd. specializes in information technology connectivity solutions. Established in 1979, today ATEN is considered the leading manufacturer of KVM Switches worldwide. This prominent position was reached through a constant high investment in research and development, resulting in numerous patents – exemplified by the production of a sophisticated ASIC that was developed in the ATEN labs and manufactured in ATEN factories. ATEN’s current product range covers hundreds of connectivity products, providing complete KVM, Data Center Management and Professional A/V solutions – from entry level operations to the enterprise market. ATEN’s customer base includes large enterprises with global operations, midrange and small businesses, as well as ambitious private users. For further information, please visit http://www.aten.com.

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