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Panasonic Announces Availability of LF30 Series of Professional LCD Displays for Digital Signage

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Panasonic TH 42LF30U Professional LCD DisplayLF30 Series Features Slot 2.0 Compatibility, High-Speed Plug-in PC with Intel7 Processor Option

Panasonic, a provider of professional display and digital signage solutions, today announced the availability of the LF30 Series of Professional LCD Displays. The LF30 Series was designed to serve as a reliable indoor digital signage solution distinguished by high brightness, slim design, fanless design, low power consumption, light weight and a wide range of professional features. The displays are built specifically for digital signage and are ideal for environments such as airports, showrooms, shopping malls, hotels/casinos, financial institutions and hospitals.

The LF30 Series features Slot 2.0 architectures which accommodates optional boards, expanding application possibilities. The technology allows users to easily mount and swap optional function boards to suit specific applications. The Slot 2.0 architecture also allows for a variety of input terminals, including DVI-D In/Out and RS-232C In/Out, for connection of up to 100 displays in a daisy chain configuration for greater operating efficiency.

A key feature for the LF30 Series is the new Plug-in PC available with Intel i5 and i7 processor options. These on-board computing solutions are more powerful than anything previously offered by Panasonic. The Plug-in PCs are capable of running some of the most robust digital signage software applications available in the market today. Panasonic worked with leaders in the digital signage software industry and designed the new Plug-in PCs to offer the highest performance available in graphics while supporting additional features for content management not found in other PC card options. The LF30 Series offers a flexible design for removing and re-installing media PCs that does not require the removal of the display. This simplifies field support while cutting down on operational expense.

“As the digital signage market continues to grow, customers need more powerful solutions to handle and accurately display increasingly robust content,” said Rick Albert, Vice President, Flat Panel Displays & Hospitality, Panasonic Solutions Company. “The LF30 Series of professional LCD displays provides our customers with the flexibility, muscle and reliability to create an effective indoor digital signage solution that maximizes their investment.”

The LF30 Series is available in two versions: 42-inch TH-42LF30U and the 47-inch TH-47LF30U. Both offer flexible installation, capable of vertical or horizontal mounting. The LF30 Series also offers a large 178 degree viewing angle; colors and brightness remain unchanged even when viewed from an angle, for sharp, clear images.

This professional LCD series has a 700cd/m2 brightness and also features an anti-image-sticking panel and Power Save mode, in which a light sensor detects the ambient light level and controls the brightness of the backlight accordingly. This maintains optimum display brightness in a wide range of environments and also helps to save energy by reducing the backlight power consumption.

The display’s extremely thin bezel blends in with nearly any environment. The bezel (18.3mm wide) is not obtrusive even with multi-screen displays, enabling effective large-screen displays. The LF30 Series features a fanless design, ideal for environments with high air pollutants, such as Quick-Serve Restaurants (QSR), which can lead to premature failure of displays with fans used for cooling. The displays also feature built-in speakers.

The TH-42LF30U and TH-47LF30U are available now from authorized Panasonic resellers at an estimated price of $1,240 and $1,560 respectively.

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