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Sistem 9 Medya, In The Name of DataPath Has Signed!

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Sistem 9 Medya logoInstitutions and individuals the ability to prepare a special broadcast streams, and the system equipped with a 9 media, the representative of Turkey was the world’s leading brand Datapath’in. Brought by the international giant companies with multi-screen solutions, DataPath products with the market leader, now with  Sistem 9 Medya in Turkey …

Gives a new lease of closed-circuit broadcasts, corporate television systems in the market-leading digital media Sistem 9 is a giant step taken on the agenda again. Produced by the multi-screen solutions, DataPath is a leading brand in the European market, the system entered the Turkish market through 9 media.

Sistem 9 Medya Chairman Kaan Akın, Datapath ”We chose this new cooperation, because many seniors in the market. Many airports around the world, international companies, etc.. ‘Monitoring systems, the management of this company is producing elements. For example, a custom software applications should canvas DataPath systems, even without the application can be due to the need for special software. We are an innovative and pioneering approach to Sistem 9 Medya Pursuant to how the market always getting better all the way to go at least that’s the reason DataPath assign to new signature crossed ‘said the words.

100% Hd Quality Even İn 100×100 Videowall Systems

DataPath, produced by the video capture cards, graphics cards, etc.. special imaging needs of the world’s leading institutions such as the product hardware-software-known as an innovative company offering design and development approaches. Mini-computers, terminals, producing graphics for the DataPath began business in 1982 in England, particularly in the financial markets on growth and diversity of the multi-display solutions, has developed a need for multiple screens. Today, high-quality HD video that can provide even a single brand videowall’larda 100X100. As is known, large-screen displays come bigger picture quality falls; pixelleşme beginning. However, thanks to DataPath systems grows videowall display how much waste is not Grow on image quality.

Sistem 9 Medya; Datapath’in was the only representative in Turkey. This system claims to be solved in the project to be executed through the Sistem 9 Medya. Sistem 9 Medya; a single center, directed by the institutions and practices of corporate TV setup, corporate communications, creating a new inter-vehicle speed, the participants and provide effective communication. Corporate identity, communication and minimizes the consumption of paper has highlighted the sensitivity of the environment, and also offers the opportunity to freely institutions, a advertising media.

Source: Sistem 9 Medya

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