June 5, 2023


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Assured Systems UK Launch Full Range of Freestanding Digital Signage Posters

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Assured Systems, a leading UK system integrator, is pleased to announce the launch of a range of freestanding digital posters aimed at digital signage applications. With digital signage becoming a more prevalent method of advertising for an increasing number of companies, technology is evolving to keep up with its popularity. High footfall areas such as waiting rooms, reception areas, retail stores, concert halls, and theatres means there will always be a place for digital signage, offering many benefits over traditional printed advertising methods.

The SureView range of freestanding digital signage posters offer customers an effective way of communicating information and promotional material by using dynamic images and video. The systems feature premium LCD panels with wide viewing angles covered in tempered glass and built into a rugged metal enclosure. The posters are eco-friendly with a power on and off timer allowing the display to save power when not required, and also feature a basic digital signage player which allows images and video to be played on a looping timer. For more sophisticated requirements, Assured Systems can supply a fully networked digital signage engine to provide customers with a platform for advanced digital signage software offering remote monitoring and updates of content. The system features a lockable rear compartment which is where the optional network digital signage player is housed, alongside access for servicing. Assured Systems offer a delivery and installation service for all our SureView products, making life easy for the end user.

About Assured Systems

Assured Systems is a leading technology company offering high quality and innovative applied computing solutions to the embedded, industrial, and digital-out-of-home markets across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our impressive product portfolio includes a full range of Digital Signage Computer Systems, Freestanding LCD Posters, Intel OPS Systems, Digital Signage Software alongside Panel PCs, Human Machine Interfaces, Single Board Computers, Fanless Computers, Rugged Laptops & Tablets and Rackmount Servers.

For more product information or pricing, please visit Freestanding Digital LCD Posters, or contact technical sales team on 01785 87 90 50.

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James Priest
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Source: Assured Systems