Thursday, June 13, 2024

EYE announces launch of new digital airport media

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EYE Out of Home_logoLeading Out-of-Home media company, EYE, launched its ground-breaking new digital media solutions with an event at Gatwick Airport last week. Integrated into the airport infrastructure, the new platform complements Gatwick’s ongoing £1 billion investment programme to help modernise the airport and transform the passenger experience. EYE’s digital developments form part of a national network with similar solutions being rolled out at each of EYE’s seven UK airports.

New digital media solutions are designed to harness passengers’ increased dwell time, positive mindset and propensity to spend at the airport. Full motion supersites in arrivals and departures are the first and last opportunity for advertisers to deliver high impact brand messages and are data enabled allowing passengers to interact via mobile. Portrait digital screens along the departures route serve as retail prompts and enable advertisers’ deeper engagement and data capture via a national network of touchscreens.

EYE’s investment in UK airport media should be of particular interest to UK advertisers as the environment is relevant and complementary to other OOH media channels. Alastair Bannerman, Global Marketing Director for EYE, said: “Passenger experience is central to both the developments in airport and media infrastructure. State of the art security and baggage screening mean simpler, more efficient and stress free passage through to new departure lounges which are more in keeping with upmarket malls.

“Conventional wisdom often assumes that airport passengers either live abroad or are in transit but with 75% of our passengers being UK residents, brand decisions made at our airports translate to pounds spent in the UK economy.”

Underpinning EYE’s £3.5m investment in new UK airport media, is new research which shows that:
• Over two thirds of passengers said they would be influenced by digital advertising technology at airports
• Almost 80% said that touchscreen technology would add to their airport journey experience
• 64% said they would welcome advertising directed specifically at them.

Bannerman concludes: “As airports and airport audiences globally are changing, the opportunities for advertisers are greater than ever before. Our research shows that the vast majority of passengers are more receptive to commercial messages in airports and our pioneering digital solutions are designed to embrace this. Our new products offer unparalleled brand experience, creative flexibility and data capture and I am delighted to see the UK leading the way.”

Source: Eyecorp

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