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NEXCOM 1080P Signage Player Called to Serve with Italian Navy

Nexcom Digital Signage Plyer NDiS161NEXCOM’s high performance 1080P signage player NDiS 161 has been enlisted in the Italian Navy. NDiS 161, working jointly with a digital entertainment platform developed by Italian company Aitek, will serve as an infotainment solution. The platform gives users access to IPTV as well as information updates and announcements. NDiS 161 therefore gives personnel in the Italian Navy an enjoyable way to spend leave time, whilst being able to receive important notifications from the Navy control centre.

Spread Joy to Every Corner of the World

Designed for use with large-size displays, NDiS 161 is powered by an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor with 945GME Express chipset which can support Full HD 1080p resolutions on dual independent display via two DVI-D ports. When configured with optional TV tuner card the 1080P signage player is able to stream live television.

In this application, NDiS 161 is used in conjunction with Aitek’s TVIP platform which enables the system to receive and decode various signals over IP network. The system, provided by Aitek to ADT Italy-a company of Tyco International Group-will not only bring live TV and radio programs to the sea, but also retrieve data from cluster severs and stream video on demand (VOD), movies and music to six new multimission frigates (FREMM) of Italian Navy.

In addition, the system is compliant with all digital video standards around the world-PAL, SECAM, and NTSC. It can deliver TV programs to Italian Navy wherever they sail.

Navy Goes Overboard for NDiS 161

As well as being an entertainment centre, NDiS 161 is also used as an information portal. Programs can be interrupted at any time by important announcements which are issued by Navy control centre, to onboard staff.

Navy vessels can spend several weeks or even months at sea, it is therefore vital that any hardware platform utilized onboard is supremely reliable. To that end, NDiS 161 is based on a rugged fanless design which eliminates systems failure and maintenance costs.

The Infotainment System powered by the 1080P signage player will improve morale and therefore helps sailors overcome the loneliness of onboard life.

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Source: NEXCOM

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