Sunday, April 14, 2024

Videotel Announces the Release of It’s Newest Looping HD Multimedia Video Player for Standalone Digital Signage and Content Display

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Videotel, one of the nation’s leading providers of auto playing Professional DVD Players has announced the release of it’s latest HD Multimedia Video Player the VP77.

Digital signage is a form of electronic display that is commonly used for display ads, educational or promotional videos. Videotel has served the professional video and standalone signage needs of customers across the country for over 30 years. Videotel supplies multi media video players to over 2,500 customers including markets in hospitality, gaming, restaurants, retail, museums, financial, government, religion and universities. Videotel’s high-lighted customers include, Muzak, Omni, MGM, TTC Worldwide, Chanel, Saks, Bare Essentials, CSC,Fox Woods Casino, TSA and many others.

In addition to offering Videotel’s powerful, compact, commercial auto start and auto looping HD2600 DVD player, they now bring to market a line of durable Multimedia File Players.

Videotel premiers it’s VP77 as a multi-function low cost simple to use digital media player especially designed for the Hi Definition digital standalone looping signage and kiosk market. The VP77 allows you to store and playback full-motion 1080p HD video with high speed compact flash card or USB drive. With a built in auto start, auto-play function, your content begins to play and loop automatically. The VP77 can also be set up to stream video over your internal LAN or the internet. This compact unit also has built in, simple to use and simple to edit “play list” feature for timed video playback.

Videotel HD Multimedia Video Player the VP77 back

Videotel boasts that their solutions are built for any organization that is seeking a non complex, subscription free digital standalone solution. Multimedia players are also ideal for signage where the video source requires mounting behind the display or in a confined space such as a kiosk, display counter, or store front.

Mark Schneider, the Vice President of Videotel says “this is the digital signage solution for the rest of us. Our line of products are for those who don’t want to get wrapped up in complex digital signage. You can simply connect our players to any TV and run your content 24X7X365 and enhance customer experiences, influencing audience behavior, brand building, provide entertainment and increase revenues.”

Source: Videotel

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