May 30, 2023

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DGScreen Launches DGBox-VGA Media Player

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HD-ready resolution, video content in 3 zones, Live TV and more in comprehensive digital signage solution

DGScreen Ltd. (, an emerging provider of cloud-based digital signage systems, today announced the launch of their next generation digital signage media player – the DGBox-VGA.

DGBox-VGA is a dedicated media player designed specifically for digital signage delivering premium functionality including: HD-ready resolution (1280×720), zone-based layouts and scheduling, concurrent video broadcasts in 3 zones, Live TV broadcast, horizontal or vertical resolution and Broadcast Now functionality for emergency communications.

The DGBox-VGA unit is offered as part of DGScreen’s combined hardware/software solution available on a low cost SaaS model.  The DGScreen solution offers businesses of any size a comprehensive digital signage platform for: content creation; screen management; advanced scheduling; user management as well as real-time monitoring and reporting – all at an affordable price.

Francine Haliva, Director of Sales & Marketing, explained, “As a relatively new entrant to the digital signage scene we recognized that our flagship product wasn’t delivering all the functionality demanded by the market.  Now, only months after our initial launch we are proud to offer a full solution that not only delivers maximum functionality but thanks to the low-cost SaaS model is affordable to any size business.”

Francine continued, “To complement the improvements made to our media player, we have also improved the DGScreen software application.  A redesigned Dashboard gives users an overview of their digital signage network health and activity and an intuitive GUI enables anyone, regardless of experience, to quickly and easily create content, design screen layouts and begin broadcasting with ease.  Furthermore, recognizing that many businesses do not have the resources to hire external agencies to prepare content, we have incorporated Adobe™ After-Effects into our content creation tools enabling users to create original, dynamic and effective content simply and efficiently.  DGScreen is committed to continually improving our digital signage offering and the DGBox-VGA release is an example of that commitment.”

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DGScreen is an emerging provider of cloud-based, combined hardware/software digital signage solutions offered on an unparalleled low-cost SaaS model. DGScreen enables all businesses to improve communications through the delivery of targeted advertising and branded messaging to enhance point of sale marketing, communications and bottom line results.

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