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Digital View Announces Launch of New European Signage Division

Launch of the new DV Signage European DivisionDV-Signage Europe GmbH launched as new pan-European sales-base for all Digital View media players, displays and signage products

Bob Michaels, President of Digital View’s US-based DV-Signage operation has today announced the launch of a new European division. Based in Munich, Germany – DV-Signage Europe GmbH builds on the growing success of the company’s Pro-AV products and will act as the pan-European sales-base for all its media player, display and digital signage products.

Digital View has long been active in the European digital signage market – supplying some of the earliest retail media networks (for companies including UK National Lottery operator Camelot, Proctor&Gamble) and some of the most successful digital out-of-home advertising networks (including CBS Outdoor and Clear Channel). In 2006 Digital View split off its creative media division to become Grand Visual and in 2007 Digital View split off its online media division to become what is now ComQii.

Digital View launched the Signage Division under Bob Michaels in North America in early 2011. Creating the new DV-Signage brand and splitting the signage products away from the long standing Digital View display electronics and LCD component business. The launch of DV-Signage Europe GmbH marks a important step in the development of its European sales channels and promises a strong focus on the growing opportunity for turnkey digital signage solutions across the Central European region. The company will offer sales, support and servicing for the entire DV-Signage product range; from media players and software, to its specialist high performance media displays.

These versatile media displays, built on robust Digital View electronics, include sizes from 10” to 70”, options for integrated media players & touch screens, flexible inputs (including HD-SDI), specific value-add signage technologies (such as the image validation technology ‘DisplayMark’) and a range of enclosure options for video-wall, indoor & outdoor usage.

“Digital View has been recognized around the world as a leading signage player in the retail media, museum and digital out-of-home sectors,” comments Bob Michaels, President of DV-Signage Inc, ‘DV-Signage builds on that excellence and Europe is a key market for the company. We are extremely excited in having built such a strong team and Munich provides a great base from which we can support customers all over the continent.’’

Operating from Munich, Germany – DV-Signage Europe GmbH will be managed by the joint team of A/V & DOOH industry veterans Florian Goebel and Richard Cobbold. They will retain a sales office in London and have dedicated sales and support personnel on the ground in Eastern, Northern, Southern & Central Europe.

“With over 150,000 Digital View installations in the field, DV-Signage draws on a wealth of experience and case studies from all sides of the digital signage spectrum”, explains Florian Goebel, Managing Director of DV-Signage Europe GmbH. “We believe our robust and competitive solutions offer significant differentiation and a critical competitive edge for digital signage resellers and integrators.”

For more information see http://www.dvsignage.com.

About DV-Signage Products

DV-Signage products split the signage market into 4 main streams:

Video Presentation: signage systems designed for use in retail, showroom and museum applications. DV-Signage provides a range of embedded, robust & low cost solid state media players & integrated media displays for simple playback and interactive applications. Supported by free playlist creation and scheduling software, the ViewStreams & VideoFlyer products are the professional choice for full screen signage applications.

Advertising Systems: signage systems designed for out-of-home advertising, offering high definition playback and control across multiple sites for landscape and portrait advertising displays. Available in a range of display sizes and enclosures for video wall, indoor & outdoor usage.

Full Signage: signage systems designed for information and way finding – with mixed format graphics, RSS feeds & tickers. The line includes small and large LCD displays with embedded or separate media players, aligned with both enterprise and SaaS Content Management Software packages.

Professional Displays: displays from 10” to 70” specifically designed for 24/7 signage operation. All with options for touch screens, custom enclosures and the DisplayMark Image Validation technology.

About DV-Signage & Digital View Group

Established in 1995, Digital View Group (http://www.digitalview.com) made its name supplying professional class LCD display solutions to the Broadcast, Military, Marine, Avionics, Medical, Industrial & Digital Signage markets. It is best known in the A/V world for it’s ViewStream solid state digital media players – products that are widely used in the digital signage, point-of-purchase, product demonstration, digital merchandising, kiosk, museum and digital out-of-home advertising markets. The company has supplied digital signage solutions to many high profile networks – for companies including CBS Outdoor, Clear Channel, Proctor&Gamble, Nokia, L’Oreal, TAG Heuer, Hugo Boss, Unilever, Coca Cola, Philip Morris, Hasbro & Bosch.

The company launched a dedicated Signage Division in 2011 (DV-Signage Inc) and has sales offices worldwide in California, Connecticut, Munich, London & Hong Kong.

For more information, contact:
USA:      Bob Michaels: (408) 782 7773 – bob.michaels [at] dvsignage.com
UK:    Richard Cobbold: +44 (0) 207 631 2150 – richard.cobbold [at] dvsignage.eu
GERMANY:    Florian Goebel: +49 89143 475 2 0 – florian.goebel [at] dvsignage.eu

Source: Digital View Group

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