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CBS Outdoor selects MRI for 55″ Outdoor Urban Panels

MRI 55inch Outdoor Urban PanelsManufacturing Resources International (MRI) has been selected by CBS Outdoor to provide (110) Outdoor Digital Displays for placement in prominent advertising and promotional locations throughout Manhattan. The BoldVu® 55″ High-Bright UMDs (Universal Mount Displays) will be mounted on top of the stairwells at key MTA Subway entrances around the city and will feature a new “Dual-Sided” design with a 55″ Full HD Digital LCD Display on each side for maximum advertising exposure.

The BoldVu® 55” Digital Displays will provide 2000 nit luminance for optimum viewability in direct sunlight and will maintain this luminance level for 30,000 hours via the BrightVu® feature. They will also feature MRI’s new DynamicVu® technology which adjusts the backlight LED brightness every 16 milliseconds based on actual content being displayed at that given moment. This feature dramatically reduces power consumption and prolongs the life of the unit which was important to CBS and the City of New York.

With widely varying temperature extremes in New York City, the Patent Pending MRI CoolVu® Thermal Management System provides for operation in temperatures from -22°F to +122°F. This feature was of particular interest to CBS due to the cold winter months and the hot, humid days of summer with temperatures exceeding 100°F and units operating under the blazing sun.

According to Peter Kaszycki, VP of Business Development for MRI, “CBS has acknowledged that MRI’s BoldVu® product line provides a rich set of outdoor features that are required for an Outdoor Digital Display operating in harsh outdoor environments. The SAM® (Service Access Module) feature allows them to service the unit in the installed position, thereby reducing downtime and minimizing service costs. MRI’s engineering team worked closely with CBS Outdoor during the 12 month Prototype/Design phase to finalize this design around their specific application requirements.”

Installation plans call for the first units to be operational by November of 2011 and all units to be installed by the first half of 2012. As an added bonus, the MTA will also have the ability to take immediate control of these units in an emergency situation and issue city-wide alerts via the network of BoldVu® Digital Displays at strategic locations throughout New York City.

About MRI

MRI is an Atlanta based designer and manufacturer of Digital LCD Displays (22″ – 72”), Digital Menu Boards, Pump-Top Displays and Self-Ordering Kiosks.  The BoldVu® product line encompasses both indoor and outdoor configurations and includes unique features such as BrightVu® (2000 nit brightness), SureVu® (image verification), CoolVu® (for operation in direct sunlight with ambient temperatures up to 50°C) and SAM® (service access modules) to provide a low cost of ownership with optimum functionality.  MRI has an installed base of 5500+ units and offers both standard and custom hardware / technology designs to meet the specific application requirements.

For more information, please contact:

MRI, Inc
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info [at] mri-inc.net

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