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VidaBox Unveils LC-300 LiivController Powered by vAutomation 2.0

Multiroom Audio and Automation Control From Any iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod touch®, Cost-Effective LC-300 Combines Automation Controls, Drop-n-Rip™ Blu-ray™ Drive, and Multiroom Audio in One System

VidaBox today introduced its latest multiroom audio control and automation system powered by the vAutomation control platform: the LC-300 LiivController™. Joining the previously announced LC-200, the LC-300 combines automation controls, multiroom audio, and a Drop-n-Rip™ Blu-ray™ drive for easy archiving — all in one cost-effective unit.

LiivController provides convenient multi-zone A/V management by turning any iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod touch® into the ultimate Wi-Fi touch screen interface. Each LiivController features seven 3.5-mm ports that can be used as IR blaster, video, contact closure, or voltage sensor ports. The system also includes a built-in IR learner and is expandable using Global Cache for powerful control of more than 100 networked devices. Any A/V component can be controlled via IR, TCP/IP, and RS-232 commands sent from LiivController — in any room, at any time.

The ultra-versatile LiivController LC-300 also provides four zones of synchronized multiroom audio without the need for additional matrix switchers, and it is expandable any time for up to 20 zones with optional ZoneXpander™ units. Running on only 36 watts, this energy-efficient, combination A/V automation controller and music server plays music from its built-in Internet radio streams, stored music collections across the network, and auxiliary sources such as iPod® docks, complete with two-way feedback. The powerful vAutomation 2.0 platform can also be used to control any VidaBox media center or extender, giving users on-demand access to their Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and CD collections via cover-flow-style browsing familiar to Apple® users.

“We are excited to introduce the latest member of the LiivController family, bringing even greater affordability to the most complex installations without compromising on performance,” said Steven Cheung, president of VidaBox LLC. “The LC-300 provides control and automation over any component via popular Apple touch screen devices, multiroom audio capabilities that take advantage of virtually any audio source, and the convenience of an integrated Blu-ray drive for easy one-step archiving of the user’s disc collection. By providing all of this functionality in one box, we simplify installations and eliminate the need and expense of proprietary handheld or in-wall controllers while greatly reducing costs.”

For integrators, providing their clients with this exceptional experience couldn’t be easier. The touch screen interfaces on the vAutomation 2.0 platform are based on predefined templates and require minimal programming, dramatically reducing the time needed to complete new projects. All programming is Web-based and can even be done straight from an iPad.

Both the LC-200 and LC-300 LiivController units offer four zones of synchronized multiroom audio, and the LC-300 adds a Blu-ray drive for convenient, Drop-n-Rip archiving. The LC-300 will be available to select, active VidaBox dealers in October and available to all integrators in Q1 2012. The LiivControllers will be on display at CEDIA EXPO 2011 in booth 4835.

More information about VidaBox is available at www.vidabox.com.

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