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Worldwide success story made in Cambridge now makes any big glass wall work like a giant touch tablet

Visualplanet announces the launch of its revolutionary „large area‟ multi-touch technology.

This innovative technology can be used to turn large areas of glass, such as shop windows, internal glass walls and tabletops, into huge interactive surfaces that behave just like the latest tablet devices. Compelling interactive shop windows and touch tables for collaborative working are just some of the possible applications.

The technology works by attaching a transparent film (the „visualplanet touchfoil™‟) to the inside or underside of the surface, adding a display and suitable content application to create a fully interactive solution. Over the past 7 years thousands of touchfoils™ have been successfully installed worldwide in public spaces; such as premium brand retail shop windows, office reception areas, bus shelters, street kiosks, tourist information booths and even bathroom mirrors.

These new multi-touch drivers, developed by visualplanet software engineers in Cambridge, England, include Windows 7 gesture support and an SDK to enable partners throughout the world to develop bespoke applications for the touchfoil™.

Mike Cole, Director of Cambridge-based visualplanet, says “Since 2004 the visualplanet touchfoil™ has been used all around the world for some incredible interactive solutions. Our partners are an extremely inventive group, producing end-user signage solutions for our large screen touch technology in an astonishing variety of environments. I am convinced the results of our investment in the new multi-touch feature will add a whole new dimension to the customers‟ interactive experience”.

About the touchfoil™
Each touchfoil™ is manufactured to the customer’s specific size requirements, and is thinner than the average business card, making it the most adaptable touch technology on the market. The transparent touchfoil™ works using „projected capacitance touch technology‟, and can be attached to and work through non-metallic materials such as glass (up to 20mm thick), plastic and wood. Shipping is simple; the touchfoil™ is rolled up and placed in a cardboard tube, making it ideal for the export market.

A single-touch touchfoil™ can be made from 30 inches to a massive 167 inches diagonally (1.2 m x 4 m).
Multi-touch versions are available up to 60 inches diagonally, with even larger sizes currently under development.

About visualplanet
Visualplanet is the manufacturer of the touchfoil™, making it a global market leader in large area touch technology. Visualplanet has been manufacturing touchfoils™ in Cambridge since 2004 and continues to develop new opportunities for its worldwide network of specialist resellers.

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Gareth Willmer
Product Marketing Manager
gareth.willmer [at] visualplanet.biz

Source: Visualplanet

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