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Brazil’s Megamidia Group Deploys ‘DIA TV’ Supermarket Nework

MegaMidia group DIA TV Supermarket Nework 3Brazil’s Megamidia Group has successfully deployed DIA TV across 30 stores of the DIA Groups’ supermarket chain in Brazil.

DIA’s strategy calls for the DIA TV network to be rolled out to at least 100 locations of DIA’s 400 stores within the next 12-months.

The network is comprised of 7-to-10 LCD screens per store and features promotional and lifestyle programming hosted by Jaqueline Pedroso, a well-known television personality in Brazil.

“We’ve been supporting their in-store music needs for more then four years across 400 of DIA’s Brazil-based stores,” says Celso Hey, Megamidia’s president and CEO. “The DIA TV network is a natural extension of our expert capabilities and exemplifies the growing importance that leading companies such as DIA are placing on in-store digital media programs.”

The DIA TV network will also be leveraged to deliver employee targeted communications, including training and motivational messaging, before store opening hours and after closing times. The ‘Keep Up with DIA’ employee programming will be broadcast every Monday and re-broadcast on Saturdays. Employees will be encouraged to engage through contest, sweepstakes, and prize giveaways to participate by contributing to the program – including suggesting music and video content they would like to share with their fellow employees when at work.

The music and DIA TV programming are integral elements of DIA’s in-store experience and communication strategy, helping it to more effectively connect with its customers, and to train and motivate employees.

Megamidia, which is based in Curitiba, Brazil with offices in Sao Paulo, is responsible for all aspects of the deployment including network management and content production. The com[any has been a market leader for nearly 20 years focused on the development of innovative media and communication solutions for businesses in the retail, supermarket, and restaurant industries, and serving leading brands including Pão de Açúcar Group, McDonald’s, Carrefour, Shell, HSBC, and Makro.

The company is a 360-degree solutions provider that offers strategic management expertise for the development and deployment of in-store radio and digital signage networks, custom magazine and POP management programs, and corporate networks that deliver to communication, promotional, and training objectives. Their consultative approach to collaborating with clients enables them to customize solutions that deliver creative, quality, and successful results.

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