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“3 Italia” mobile network communicates with customers using SpinetiX

SpinetiX 3 ItaliaHundreds of “3 Italia” mobile phone retail stores across Italy to benefit from small form factor, low power consumption and dedicated hardware

In one of the largest and most high-profile installations to date, SpinetiX HMP100™Hyper Media Player technology will be deployed across “3 Italia” stores thanks to certified distribution partner AV Store. The purpose of this nation-wide installation is to standardize communications with customers and provide them with attractive, informative signage to support mobile sales, promotions and incentives. A pilot store has already successfully been built with hundreds of stores in the pipeline over the next few months.

“3 Italia” is the brand used by H3G in Italy. The communications company is focused on bringing the benefits of the Internet to mobile communications. They are part of the HWL group of companies and in addition to Italy, have 3G operations in Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Macau and Sweden.

In explaining the system design, Emanuele Pollastri, managing director of AVstore (brand of Voome Networks Srl) says: “In each of the stores, the display system comprises several LCD monitors and SpinetiX Players in various combinations. The SpinetiX Hyper Media Players powers content for each of the screens which is perfectly synchronized and manages high-definition graphics.”

“We selected the SpinetiX HMP100 Hyper Media players thanks to their reliability, dedicated hardware and very low power consumption (only 2 watts). It has a powerful graphical engine, no moving parts and is able to utilize flash memory, Ethernet connectivity and SNMP diagnostics. Furthermore the players run perfectly in sync with each other through the adoption of NTP protocol. This means that video runs seamlessly across the screens and in any combination desired for high-impact communication.”

“The solution will be deployed across hundreds of stores in Italy within a few months. We are honored to have brought such an important customer to the adoption of SpinetiX technology. We believe that the SpinetiX Hyper Media Player is the only technology available in the marketplace that is able to manage digital signage in such a reliable and effective way,” adds Pollastri.

Serge Konter, marketing manager at SpinetiX adds: “This is one the of the most exciting demonstrations of how our technology can be deployed country-wide and we’re delighted that AVstore and their customer, H3G for “3 Italia” are using it to its full market potential.”

About AVStore
AVStore is a certified distribution partner for SpinetiX in Italy and are owned by Voome Networks Srl. www.voome.it www.avstore.tv

About SpinetiX
SpinetiX SA is an award-winning Swiss hardware manufacturer of professional digital signage hardware devices. Find more information about SpinetiX products at www.spinetix.com.

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